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2024 IMECE-Advances in Soft Material Modeling Abstract Submission Invitation

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Dear Colleagues,
The deadline for the IMECE abstract-only submission (07/16/2024) is approaching quickly and we would like to invite you to submit your abstract to the "Advances in Soft Material Modeling" topic. This topic is organized by me (Jihong Ma at the University of Vermont), Professors Hossein Salahshoor at Duke University, Nikolaos Bouklas at Cornell University, Shawn Chester at New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Aditya Kumar at Georgia Institute of Technology.
The production of newer classes of polymers such as polymerized ionic liquids and nanoporous polymers has opened up exciting possibilities for various applications, including carbon capture, electrochemical energy generation and storage, water purification, sensing and releasing biological molecules, as well as the development of lightweight structures. Modeling these complex architectures presents significant challenges related to system size, force field accuracy, and the presence of multiscale effects. This topic aims to bring together scientists and engineers from different fields working on soft matter modeling (from first-principle calculations to continuum modeling and data-driven methods) to share their experiences and research results in identifying the relationship between polymer structures and their mechanical properties.
IMECE 2024 will be held in Portland, Oregon from November 17 to 24, 2024. For more information about the conference and abstract submission, please check out this link: American Society of Mechanical Engineers - (

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