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The 2nd International Symposium on Innovations in Advanced Materials for Optics & Electronics (ISIAMOE-2) Shanghai on July 2008

General Theme

The 2nd International Symposium on Innovations in Advanced Materials for Optics & Electronics (ISIAMOE-2) will be held in Shanghai China on July 2008. The purpose of our symposium is to bring together researchers from different fields of academic and applied science in order review and update the present knowledge on the correlation between the chemical composition, the structure and the physical properties of materials of interest for optics and electronics. The first symposium successfully established at Université de La Rochelle (France) on June 14–17, 2006. The symposium working language is English, and the program includes Poster Communications, Oral presentations, Invited Contributions and keynote Lectures.



Call for Papers:

Interested authors should send abstract/abstracts to the Symposium through the symposium entry (to register and submit on line) before abstracts submission deadline. Please prepare the abstract according to the abstrat file format as listed in the symposium topics column. Publication of symposium proceedings is planned after the conference.




1.The Second Announcement and Call for Papers (English, Chinese)

2.Abstract Sample.


Important Dates:

Start to submit your paper abstract

Abstract submission deadline

Abstract acceptance notification

May 20,2008
Symposium attendance confirmation deadline

Deadline for paying discount registration fees

July 6-9,2008
Attending the symposium

Registration fee :

For authors from outside mainland of China, the registration fee is US$400 per person. If the registration fee is paid before June 20, 2008, a discount fee of only US$350 is needed. The registration fee for student is US$250. Further details of the registration fees and benefits will be provided later in our entry system after you register and log in to submit an abstract.





Supporters and Sponsors:



Symposium Topics

The Symposium aims to contribute to the design and development of the emerging technologies for optics and electronics, both at the academic and industrial levels.

The symposium will review the latest developments in materials for advanced electronic and optical applications. The program which includes sessions of Poster Communications, Oral presentations, Invited Contributions and keynote Lectures, is designed to cover the following topics:


A. Electric materials

    ●Physics and chemical based electric materials, including single crystals, ceramics, polymer,

      compositions, thin films and thick films.

    ●Defects, domains, interfaces of electric materials

    ●Ferroelectrics, dielectrics, pyro-electrics, piezoelectrics

    ●Coupling effect, memory effect, extrinsic effect and new effect.

    ●Ionic and electron ionic semi-conductors


B. Multi-ferroics and magneto-electric materials


    ●Magneto-electric materials

C. Opto-electronic materials

    ●Opto-electronic materials


D. Processing and characterization

    ●single crystals, ceramics, polymer, compositions

    ●thin films and thick films


E. Device designing and applications

    ●Sensors, actuators, transducers, transformers

    ●Multi-ferroics devices

    ●Opto-electronic devices


 Important Tips

Please click the "Entry" bar in the banner to enter the concrete symposium affairs system. In the system, you could register your personal details, submit your abstract, submit your full paper, reserve a hotel room and fulfill other confirmations related to the symposium, such as choose specific travel items and discount registeration fees.


 Instructions for preparing the abstract

To ensure a standard format throughout the symposium proceedings, the manuscript should be prepared as outlined below. A sample file in WORD is provided for reference and convenience (ISIAMOE-2 abstract sample.doc: English, Chinese ).

1. Type the abstract clearly and accurately using Word or WordPerfect software. Please use Times New Roman (format 12 or 12-point).

2. The abstract should be prepared in a single page and include in sequence the title, authors’ names and their respective affiliation, post address and Email address, abstract text, keywords and references. The abstract text should not exceed 200 words , the keywords number should not exceed 5 and the references number should not exceed 3.

3. The page setup is as follows: Margins of 1 inch for top and 0.5 inch for bottom; Margins of 1.25 inch for the left side and 1 inch for the right side. The text is to be single spaced and major headings (title, abstract, keywords) should be in capital letters on the initials. And the title should begin two lines below top edge and should be centered.

Symposium Organization

 International Advisor Committee

 General Chairman:


      Eric Cross
      Xi Yao

      Penn State University, USA
      Xi'an Jiaotong University,China

      Tongji University, Shanghai, China

 General Co-Chairman:

      Junhao Chu

      Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China
      Longtu Li

      Qingrui Yin 
      Tsinghua University,China

      Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China
      Qiming Zhang

      Penn State University, USA

 General Secretariats:

      Guorong Li

      Shanghai Institute of Ceramics,
      Xiaowen Zhang

      Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
      Tsinghua University,China

      Jinrong Cheng
      Nava Setter

      Shanghai University, China
      Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne,

      Ruimin Zhong

      Shanghai Institute of Ceramics,
      Zuo-guang Ye

      Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
      Simon Fraser University, Canada

      Deling Jin
      Dwight Viehland

      Shanghai Institute of Ceramics,
      Virginia Tech, USA

      Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
      Mohammed Es-Souni

      Fachhochschule Kiel, Germany

Organizing Committee

      Philippe Gaucher

 Committee Chairman:
      Ecole Centrale Paris, France

      Haosu Luo
      Andrei Kholkin

      Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China 
      University of Aveiro,Portugal

      Helen Chan

 Committee Co-Chairmen:
      Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

      Brahim Elouadi
      Cewen Nan

      Université de La Rochelle, France
      Tsinghua University, China 

      Kexin Chen 

 Committee Members:
      The National Natural Science Foundation

      Jingtai Zhao
      of China (NSFC), China

      Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China 
      Ruyan Guo

      Yongxiang Li
      Penn State University, USA

      Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China 
      Ang Chen

      Xiaomin Li
      The University of Akron, USA

      Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China 
      Satoshi Wada

      Xiangjian Meng
      University of Yamanashi,Japan

      Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, China
      Myong-Ho Kim

      Xianlin Dong
      Changwon University, Republic of Korea

      Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China 
      Andrew Bell

      Haoshuang Gu
      University of Leeds, England

      Hubei University,China

      Xiaohui Wang

      Tsinghua University, China

      Wei Ren

      Xi'an Jiaotong University,China

      Jinghao Qiu

       Nanjing University of Aeronautics and


      Hong Wang

      Xi'an Jiaotong University,China

      Jiwei Zhai

      Functional Materials Research Laboratory,

      Tongji University,China

      Jianjiang Bian

      Shanghai University, China


If you have any sugesstions or questions, or if you would still choose to submit your abstract, full paper,registration inforamtion and other spectific symposium affairs (althouth it is not recommended) rather than through online registration process, please contant us through the Email:

Of course,you could also contact us by telephone, fax and Email to the local organizing comittee chairman or symposium secretariat:

Local organizing committee chairman:
Prof. Haosu Luo
Shanghai Institute of Ceramics,
Chinese Academy of Sciences,
215 Chengbei Road, Jiading,
Shanghai 201800,China
Tel: +86-21-59927572 or +86-21-69987760,
Fax: +86-21-59927184,

Symposium secretariat:
Prof. Guorong Li
Shanghai Institute of Ceramics,
Chinese Academy of Sciences,
1295 Dingxi Road, Changning,
Shanghai 200050, China
Tel: +86-21-52412420,
Fax: +86-21-52413122,

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