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Crack Length in Cohesive Element (ABAQUS vr 6.7.1) in pure MODE I case

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Help! imechanica!

This might not be a smart question to ask, but if any of you can help me, it'd be great.

 I have a DCB (sandwitch specimen) with a cohesive element in the middle. Studying pure Mode I case, displacement is applied at the end of the DCB. Cohesive element works great (it fails when one reaches max separations).  But I am having a difficulity in extracting crack length (i.e. length of failed cohesive element) vs time step. I looked for Damage and Status commend, but it's not promising.  (I'm pretty new to ABAQUS....)

 If you have worked on cohesive elements, and know where those (filed maybe?) output of failed element lengths can be found, could you please help?

 Thanks~ masa

If you define a node or element path along the interface in Abaqus viewer, you can plot the stress or displacement along the path at different time and save them as ASCII files. Whith such information, you should be able to determine where is the crack tip at different time. No extra effort is needed in the input file in this case. 

Alternative, you can write properties of cohesive elements by adding a command like "*Element Output, FILE ....."  to do the same thing. I can not remember the exact definition but it is easy to find in Abaqus manual.



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Hello Yujie,

 Thank you for taking time to provide me a good suggestion. I tried to take a path (nodes) along cohesive elements, but ABAQUS does not allow to do so on the torn (eliminated) elements. Instead, I took a path (nodes) on Master element side, I still need to spend some time to process data.

 I hope there will be a commend that would simply tell us the crack (torn element) length. Anyway, thanks again.



Hi Sir(s)

I am a new user for ABAQUS and looking for D-P model and i do need to simulate saturated sand to study the liquefaction phenomenon. So can any body tell me how i can use D-P model to simulate pore water pressure.



Hi all

Please could any one help me to solve the messeage error, every time to run the Abaqus to simulate CPT in sand i got that message (The elements in element set ErrElemZeroALEMass-Step1 have zero or negative mass.

The elements contained in element set ErrElemExcessDistortion-Step1 have distorted excessively.

Abaqus/Explicit Analysis exited with an error - Please see the  status file for possible error messages if the file exists.)

Please help me?



Please could any person help me, i search to model an adhesively bonded lap joint using ABAQUS 2D : i use cohesive section for the adhesive the cohesive with continuum response, and i use beam truss section for adherent in this step i have problem i can't signed a section. In interaction module i use tie constraint with the adherent master and the adhesive slave.

this is my adress email, when you can send me some articels who can hepl me

thank you for all


hello ,

only i commit an error, i said i can't signed a section=i can't assigned a section

thank you 

Hi everyone,

I am modelling impact of conical and blunt nose projectiles on GFRAL (GFRP Reinfirced Aluminium Plastic) target plate of 255 mm diameter.the GFRP plate (1.5mm) is sandwitched between aluminum plates of equal thickness (.8 mm),which are pasted with adhesive resin.i have created component plates individually and assembled  them.My question is-

1-How to give interaction among them ie tied constrain or surface to surface.

2-Whatever meshing type and density i am giving,job is aborted giving error

The elements contained in element set ErrElemExcessDistortion-Step1 have distorted excessively.

element have zero or negative mass.

Plz help me,how to come out of these problems.

Thanks in advance.


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hello sir 

iam trying to model the epoxy between concrete slab and cfrp sheet please can you show a procedure to tie the zero-thickness layer using tie constraints to the slab from top and cfrp from bottom ? 

i apperciate any help from you 


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