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New Book on Polymers and Viscoelasticity

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I wish to inform the imechanica community about my recent book,  Polymer Engineering Science and Viscoelasticity, Springer, 2008. THe book starts at the beginning and contains both the physics of polymers and the mathematics of viscoelasticity. It is also unique in the history of mechanics in being the (first ever?) father-daughter book. Those interested in polymer mechanics may find this a useful resource! It may be found in your library or further information can be found here questions or comments, please contact me! 


I'm just in need of such a book. Is there specific discussion on shape memory polymers?

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Thanks! Unfortunately, we did not go into shape memory polymers. A topic saved for the second edition! 

That's good news indeed.  I've been looking for such a book for reference and teaching.

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