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Coupling meshfree and Finite element methods

I just wanted to know if i can consider one part of a FE model as a meshless part and form the global stiffness matrix just by assembling the meshfree stiffness matrix corresponding to the meshfree zone and the FE stiffness matrix of the rest. And then apply the boundary conditions to the model and solve. I would use RKPM to generate the meshfree stiffness matrix. 

for example mesh a square plate into 4  elements , suppose ele 1,2,3 are e finite elements and  the rest of the domain is discretized using nodes. such that there are 4 nodes on the four corners of the forth piece. and many other nodes in the interior.

Now I generate the stiffness matrix corresponding to the meshfree region,treat it as a meshfree element stiffness matrix and assemble it with the FE stiffness corresponding to 1,2,3.

is this way of combining meshfree and mesh less methods correct??

or is there any other way of combining the both.

I will be happy if some one can help me out. 



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