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2008 Summer Research Seminars on Mechanics of Materials

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Place: University of Texas at Austin, WRW 312

Time: Friday 3:00 - 4:30 pm, May 23 - August 22, 2008

Faculty advisors: Chad Landis and Rui Huang

Speakers: postdocs and graduate students, including guest speakers from other groups

Tentative schedule:

(Date, Seminar title, Speaker name, Group affiliation)

1.   May 23: “Wrinkle patterns of elastic thin films on viscoelastic substrates”, Se Hyuk Im (Huang Group) 

2.   May 30: “Theoretical and computational modeling of domain evolution in ferroelectric crystals with dislocations”, Dr. Antonios Kontsos (Landis Group)

3.   June 6: “Mechanics and physics of dynamic necking and fragmentation in ductile materials”, Dr. Haitao Zhang (Ravi-Chandar Group)

4.   June 13: “Modeling interfacial delamination by cohesive elements in ABAQUS”, Haixia Mei (Huang Group)

5.   June 20: “Mechanics of graphene: atomistic modeling and continuum analysis”, Dr. Qiang Lu (Huang Group)

6.   June 27: “Phase-field modeling of crack propagation”, Dr. Stéphane Valance (Hughes Group, ICES)

7.   July 4: mid-summer break

8.   July 11: Process induced stresses and reliability of air-gap interconnects”, Suk-Kyu Ryu (Huang Group)

9.   July 18: “Phase-field modeling of domain nucleation and growth near cracks in ferroelectrics”, Wenyuan Li (Landis Group)

10. July 25: “Thermo-electro-mechanical constitutive modeling of ferroelectric single crystals”, Brian Meason (Landis Group)

11.  August 1: “Mechanical instability of bilayer thin films and hydrogel nanolines”, Min Kyoo Kang (Huang Group)

12.  August 8: “Adaptive multiscale modeling of polymers for semiconductor manufacturing, Paul Bauman (Oden Group, ICES)

13. August 15: "Mechanical characterization of thin carbon membranes", Ji Won Suk (Ruoff Group, TMI/CNM)

14. August 20: “Experiments on Dynamics of Propagating Phase Fronts and Shocks in Solids”, Johnathan Niemczura (Ravi-Chandar Group)

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