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First of all I woul like to present myself.

I am Ana Munteanu from Romania, Galati, Mechanical engineering, and my doctoral these is on machining polymeric materials. I have an soft programme (FEM) ThirdWave system advantEdge version five and I would like to simulate turning of polymeric materials. The soft is for mettalic materials, but the programme have capabilities of defining custom material.

My problem is: the soft ask me some coefficients of my polymeric materials, and I have no idee how to find them. 

 if somebady see my "ask" and think that can helpme...please answer me!


Ing. Ana Veronica Munteanu
Universitatea "Dunarea de Jos", Galati
Str. Domneasca nr.111, cod 800008
Telefon: +40 741 684 428

Vinand V. Arabale,
Non-linear FEA,
MSC Software.

"Real world is dyanmic and non-linear"

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