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The Fourth International Conference on Forensic Engineering

The Fourth International Conference on Forensic Engineering
From Failure to Understanding

2nd – 4th December 2008
Institution of Civil Engineers
London, UK 

The conference will bring together international experts from the forensic engineering community to gain a thorough understanding of the latest case studies, technical developments and legal procedures.

The conference will also feature a Pre-Conference Workshop on 2nd December.

This international conference will focus on moving from failure to understanding of built environments in order to help with managing sustainable life-time performance of constructed assets.

While collapses are the most spectacular failures covered in the field of forensic engineering, this discipline also includes the investigation of failures in serviceability and performance during construction and over the life of structures.

Forensic engineering requires the most rigorous investigation of the range of technical and organisational factors that contribute to failures, whether they lead to litigation or form the basis of an agreed settlement between the parties involved.

The Fourth International Conference on Forensic Engineering will demonstrate that forensic investigation and assessment, followed by dissemination into improved design and contract practice, benefits the community by reducing property damage, serious injury and loss of life and also has the potential to increase sustainability of infrastructure by prolonging the reliable life of structures.

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