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free mesh generator based on imaging data

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Dear all,

 I am wondering if there exists a mesher that can generate finite
element mesh (2D or 3D) from imaging data? It would be much nicer if
there are somes and free.

 Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

 Vinh Phu

I am sure that there are other meshers out there, but I am familiar
with this program from my Masters work OOF. It is actually an open
source FEM software built for micro structure. The preprocessor would
mesh a image file based on the colors and then fit the mesh to it. I recommend you check it out.


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Thanks for your posts. I now have some experiences with ppm2oof. I would like to share  this and discuss on digital image based FE simulation with everyone who is interested in this problem.


There is links of many open-source program lists in my weblog, it covers most of opensource programs already exist. ( ). you can search in them.


OOF is tested by many people. it may be a good choice, but it is 2D.

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