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there are many forums in biochemistry (and in any other topic)

... and many others that i dont know!!!

 if i have a question i have to send my question to each of them one by one is there any better way?

for example i have a problem and i want to solve it with OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE. there are many programs very similar that each of them only solves one part of my problem, have i to learn all of them?. then i prefer to write my code by my self. is it any better solution for  one?


I want to know which labs in the world work on special topic, each of them use different keyword for that topic, i cant view all of them, what i should do?


I want to review some topic and there are many review papers. I have to read many of them and most of their parts are similar. is there any way to prevent this?


I want to know application of "QUANTOM DOTS"? there are more than 10000 paper about them. i dont want to rely only on citation, what i should do?






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