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How do I run Abaqus 6.7-1 from a DOS Window


I am tyring to learn Abaqus for my reserach work. I was easily able to work with  Abaqus CAE. However  I am not able to run Abaqus through a DOS window. Also, the tutorials mention commands like 'abaqus fetch' which do not work on the command line when I input them. It always shows an error saying that 'abaqus' is not a internal or external command,operable program or batch file. 

Can somebody help me with this? Is there any particular part of the Manual or help section that I can read to find out how to do this?

I have to eventually run a UMAT. This can be done through CAE but I want to know how to do it through written commands. 

If the OS cannot find Abaqus you may have to set the path.  Check whether Abaqus is in the path.  If not add the path.  See for how to set the path.

-- Biswajit 


hi biswajit,

Thank you for your reply.


I have aquestion regarding UMAT files. When I run UMAT files there is an error saying ifort.exe not found. I do not have Intel Visual Fortran but Compaq Visual Fortran. So I cannot provide the path for ifort.exe in the properties. Can I use Compaq Visual Fortran to run the UMAT? What kind of Intel Fortran Compiler do i need for this?

Can you please help me with this?

thank you 

I have no experience with Abaqus UMATs.  However, a quick glance at the Abaqus Installation and Licensing guide tells me the following :


FORTRAN compile command. The command used at SIMULIA is included in the abaqus_v6.env file in the site
subdirectory of the Abaqus installation. This command should not
normally be changed. It may be either a string or a tuple of strings.
If the command is a tuple of strings, each string must represent a
single command line argument.

The compilation of FORTRAN files using Fortran 90 freeform specifications is not supported by default. The abaqus_v6.env file in the site subdirectory of the Abaqus installation includes comments that discuss the compile options. 

I would suggest that you go to that file and change whatever the default compile command is.  Of course, people who have used ABAQUS UMATs may beg to differ.

-- Biswajit


I am using Compaq Visual Fortran (v6.5) in Windows (XP) as well, and have come across the same error. (ifort.exe not in PATH)

It was recommended to me that I run jobs from Abaqus command window, which I have done, without any error messages popping up. (although, I am not sure how to view results yet, or if it was successful)

Have you solved this problem for yourself? If so, how?

Kind Regards

Y. Kajee 



You will have to check the log file generated in the folder from which you ran the input file. If the log file shows errors then it is not working.

Also, see the scratch files generated on running the input file and user subroutine.

If you have not changed your environment variable then I think the error will persist.

I downloaded the Intel Fortran Compiler from the net. Just serach for it on google and install it.  


 1)  set window path name


 2) c:\>abq674     job=job_name     user=user_function_fortran_file_name   



hi Seechaw,

Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for your help

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When I run subroutine ***.for, I got this error message "Error in job case1temp: Problem during compilation - D:\Important\****\****.for". How can I fix it.

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