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I am looking for a PhD Studentship

Hi, I am a master student in Stuttgart University of Germany
I study Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures  

I am  going to finish my master degree in May 2009, and have a plan to do PhD study in Computational Mechanics  in the next year,
I also have background in Civil Engineering and Computer Science. Please find my CV attached below.

For more information, Contact me via

PDF icon CV_DoQuang_Huy.pdf51.2 KB



I saw your request only now. We have an opening for PhD studentship in Trento.


The deadline is in a few days, Sept. the 19th.


Please, if you are still interested, look at:


Best regards,


Luca Deseri


Luca Deseri, Ph.D.,

D.I.M.S.-Dept. of Mechanical and Structural
Engineering, University of Trento,
via Mesiano, 77 I-38050 TRENTO-Italy


Skype: lucalucaluca

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