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[Position] Two positions are available for doctoral studies

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There are two positions available for doctoral studies in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Michigan State University.  Two-year fundings are secured for those positions.  Research area is computational mechanics especially for meshless methods, wave propagation excited by piezo-material, interconnect reliability analysis under shock loading, and  structural response under extreme loadings.  Strong mathematical background with programming knowledge and experience with commercial FEA packages such as ADINA, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, etc. will be considered. 

Contact: Professor Jung-Wuk Hong at Michigan State University.  Email:



Respected sir,


Thanks for written this opportunity as a blog.

I shall send my detailed CV by mail




hi ,


I am intrested to do research in meshless analysis ,regarding this I am searching please if any one knows help .

Thanks in Advance 

Ravi  lingannavar 

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Dear Prof. J.w.Hong,

I'm so interested to elastic wave propagation in solid medias. I have a question about. I'll be so pleased if you could answer. is it important the propagation of high frequency elastic waves in dynamic design of structures in impact's loading? for example if we have a kind of loading like hammer impact or explosion, is it important the elastic waves with frequencies about KHz or MHz? thank you for your consideration.

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Dear sir,               I have completed my doctoral degree in mechanical engineering, which covers the areas like Tribology, Vibration Condition Monitoring, Heat Treatment & Self Lubricating Composite Materials. I am looking for Post Doctoral Fellowship. In this regard, I kindly request you to consider my request.

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