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Loading inside and outside of shell plates at Ansys 3D model of ship


I am analysing a 3D model of a part of ship including 2 tanks in forward by Ansys Software(Ver11), I fixed all DOF of transverse BHDs located in aft and forward of model, now I should consider loads as external and internal pressure inside and outside of all tank shells, I changed workplane on outside of side and bottom shell plates and then set hydrostatic load as gradient on surfaces, can you let me know am I right ? and what shall I do for internal presure whereas we have too many areas in our model this is very difficult to select one by one each area for applying pressure on surfaces?

 With many Thanks


I do'nt know about the constraints and BHDs of your model. Is your load  varying on the surface that you are applying gradient pressure instead of constant?

For area selection,you can use the Select Logic in the Utility menu. There are two easier ways to select from too many areas.GUI path for both is as under :

1. If You Know the area numbers,then you can use, utility menu > Select > Entities > By Num/Pick


2.You might have assigned various real constants to the areas to be selected,then use  :

utility menu > Select > Entities > Area > By Attributes> Real constants. Put real constant nos in the tool bar menu (MIn ,Max)

 In my view ,these steps may make your job easier.


Are you working on fluid problem too?


in my opinion its better to apply either external or internal pressure,whichever is more

not both pressure on same shell, assume a case of empty tank in some part of voyage.



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