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ES 240 Homework 6

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My name is Sung Hoon Kang and I am a second year graduate student of Applied Physics. I did my undergraduate study in Materials Sciene and Engineering at Seoul National University, Korea.

I work with Prof. Joanna Aizenberg ( and my research is to study responsive polymer materials/structures. I take ES 240 to have insights for better understanding and possibly modeling movements of high aspect ratio pillars by various stimuli and I think taking ES 240 can give me a broader perspective of understanding behavior of materials because I used to work on only electrical and optical properties of materials.

Related to the course, my strength can be to study experimental systems which may give us interesting mechanics problems and have some understanding of materials, but I don't have much background in mechanics and numerical modeling.

Before taking ES 240, I took "Mechanical Behavior of Materials" course at MIT when I did a master study and took "Introduction to Solid State Physics" and "Solid: Structure and Defects" at Harvard.

It's nice to meet all of you and I believe it's a great oppotunity that I learn "Solid Mechanics" from Prof. Suo with many bright people.

Thank you.  

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