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ABAQUS .inp file

Hi there,


I am a masters student and new to ABAQUS CAE. I am using version 6.7-1. I have a problem using the .inp file.

After writing the .inp file for a perticular problem how can i run the file. The ABAQUS CAE only recognizes .cae and.obd files. can someone help me out?


Thanks in advance. 

You can run the .inp file in the abaqus commond.

  abaqus  job=**(the name of inp file,without ".inp")

Thank you for the help....

How can I find my input file from .CAE file!

Not sure if you already solved your problem. I am an Ansys user and new to Abaqus. I tried to import an input file to CAE to create a model and this method below seem to work. 

Right click "Models" - the parent of everything in model tree, then select import in the sub-menu. It should open a window, choose the filetype as "Abaqus input file, .inp". The window should now display all the input files in the working directory. Select your input file, this should import the model. 

You may then run by creating a new job and submitting the job. Hope this is helpful. 

hi dear friends,

i am facing a problem opening an .inp file in abaqus..

i tried in abaqus commond but its shows error.

"C:\temp> abaqus j=Cohelem"  press the enter but it gives abaqus is not recognised as an internal or external commond, operable pregram or batch file..

please suggest where i commint the mistake.. i am waiting for yours respose.

my mail id is



It seems that your computer's environment isn't set properly. To get that command to work, add the path to the Commands directory to your Path environment variable. The default path is "C:\SIMULIA\Abaqus\Commands", but it may be different on your system. Once you've added that to your Path variable (separating it from the other entries with a semicolon), you should be able to use the command properly.

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thank you for the solution

you can run your input file through your CAE environment:

-first: Make sure that your INPUT file is in the same folder as the ABAQUS itself

-then: go go the JOB module in your ABAQUS CAE. click on CREATE JOB, name the job, and then under SOURCE pull down menu select input file. Browes to you input file. After you found it, click CONTINUE... OK to the edit job dialog box. now in the JOB MENAGER window, select your newly created job. Click submit and cross your fingers. good luck :)


It may be quicker to just import the model. File --> Import --> Model. This dialog will accept *.inp files and will allow you to make changes to the model in CAE, though you lose the CAD in this case. You can only make changes based on the mesh using this method. 

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hi dear friends

I want to define nonlinear springs to abaqus but fastener or connector did not work correctly .

the specification of force -displacement of this springs are available but all of my definitions was not correct.who can help me about this problem 

Dear Mohammad,

Go to section 29.1.1. of the Abaqus 6.10 Analysis User's Manual, "Defining Nonlinear Spring behaviour".

You cannot define nonlinear spring behavior in Abaqus/CAE when you
define springs as engineering features. In your case, you can only define connectors that
have spring-like elastic behavior (see section 28.2.2.).
What is exactly the problem you want to simulate? Are you working with Abaqus/CAE?

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Infrastructure Engineer, Hellenic Air Force

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i am a masters student and new to ABAQUS CAE. I am using version 6.9-1.
I have a problem on how to define reinforced rebar layers in concrete beam and cohesive material between concrete beam and carbon fıber lamina?
anyone please could help me my dırect emaıl:

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Hi all

     even i have same problem as Kasim does. . .please help me with the same. .

u can mail me at

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how can i install abaqus 6.10 on windows 8?

in facthow can i jump system checking in abaqus instalation?

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