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How to prevent the trash ADs at iMechanica?

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Recently, more and more trash ADs appear at imechanica. The users like "ORDER CIALIS ONLINE - US DRUGSTORE FDA" have added the ADs at the comments. Is there any good method for us to prevent such behavior at imechanica? As one of the moderator, may I have the right to directly give such users name to system operator to prevent these trash ADs?

Any comments are welcome.

Ying Li


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Dear Ying,

Thanks for the heads-up. User "ORDER..." has been blocked. 

Yes, anytime you see malicious activities in iMechanica, please email me or Zhigang Suo asap.  The helps from our moderators as well as iMechanica users are crucial in maintaining the health of iMechanica.


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Dear Teng,

Thank you for your reply. However, I still find there are more and more users like "123refinanceloans" , "poulsmith","carfinancing" and "quickautoloan "  publishing the trash ADs at imechanica. The users like "123refinanceloans" appears more and more. I think it is not very convenient  for us to report these users by email to you or zhigang. Therefore, I think another method may be more useful.

Why not the SYSOP add a option "report" for the all of the users of imechanica? When any users find a comment is non proper for us or imechanica, he/she can 'report' the comment to the SYSOP. Then the punishment can be made by the SYSOP.

I think such a method may be helpful for all of us to prevent the trash ADs at imechanica.

Could you tell me your opinion?

Ying Li Department of Engineering Mechanics Tsinghua University Beijing, 100084, P. R. CHINA

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