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The vision of iMechanica

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The Mission of iMechanica

  • use the Internet to enhance communications among mechanicians,
  • pave a way to evolve all knowledge of mechanics online.

Evolve mechanics in all its depth and splendor. The Internet has provided an unprecedented opportunity for mechanicians to evolve all knowledge of mechanics online, in all its depth and splendor, from phenomena interesting to the general public, to textbooks for students, to data and tools used by practitioners, and to theories and experiments pursued by academics.

iMechanica aims to be the online platform for the discipline of mechanics. iMechanica will not only preserve knowledge in mechanics, but also influence its future development. In steady state, the discipline and its online platform will co-evolve.

Unite mechanicians of all walks and of all nations. For any discipline of depth and breadth, the mission to evolve all its knowledge will require many individuals to participate. iMechanica will enable a large number of academics, students, and practitioners to collaborate at the forefront of research and education.

For academics, iMechanica will provide ample space for them to articulate their imagination incrementally, as well as in bold brush stroke.

For students, iMechanica will provide an infrastructure for them to shape their own future.

For practitioners, iMechanica will provide an outlet for them to record their creative uses of mechanics.

Furthermore, iMechanica will turn the traditional model of public outreach upside down, enabling K-12 teachers and students to contribute to projects that have kindled their interests in mechanics, and opening channels for experts to give feedback.

iMechanica aims to enable people of all ages and of any proficiency to learn and practice mechanics.

iMechanica runs like a common. It belongs to no one in particular: it belongs to whoever uses it. Anybody can register for a free account to post anything of interest to fellow mechanicians.

We expect that iMechanica will grow to have many thousand users, which will make it difficult to know everyone and read everyone's post. In addition, you might see some of the same people posting to the front page regularly and commenting on their own posts, but we don't want iMechanica to be a site where only a small group writes posts for the rest to read. We want everyone to write their own posts and their own comments; to become regular users of iMechanica.

We understand that you might feel a bit strange to join a conversation with people that you are not familiar with. The best way to start getting comfortable posting is to get to know a few people that become your core group friends and with whom you feel comfortable talking with. You can start your own conversations by inviting your friends, sending them a link to your post through email (see sending a link). Also, if you prefer not to comment directly on other user's posts but you still want to talk about it, you can write it in your blog and invite your friends to begin a casual conversation in the privacy of your own page.

The vision of iMechanica is to make it easy for users to share their thoughts with their friends and talk about what's important to them. So invite your friends and peers to join iMechanica.

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