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Pradeep Sharma is selected as the 2009 Thomas J.R. Hughes Young Investigator Award

Pradeep Sharma's pictureIt gives us special pleasure to announce that Pradeep Sharma, of the University of Houston, has been selected as the recipient of the 2009 Thomas J.R. Hughes Young Investigator Award.

This Award was created by the Applied Mechanics Division in 1998 to recognize special achievements in research of Applied Mechanicians prior to the age of 40 years. The Award was enhanced with a substantial endowment in 2007, and is now known as the Thomas J.R. Hughes Young Investigator Award. 

The Award will be presented at the Applied Mechanics Division Banquet (tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, November 17, 2009) and will be part of the ASME Congress during November 2009, to be held in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Pradeep is iMechanica user 70, and was the founding editor of the iMechanica Journal Club.


Zhigang Suo's picture

Dear Pradeep:

Heartiest congratulations on winning this award, and best wishes for a brilliant career. 

Ying Li's picture

Ying Li
Department of Engineering Mechanics
Tsinghua University
Beijing, 100084, P. R. CHINA

Congrats, Pradeep, and best wishes, too!


(BTW, thanks to iMechanica, looks like, practically every winner of this award is going to be someone you can say you know! Smile )

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More work for iMechanica!




Teng Li's picture

Dear Pradeep,

Congratualtions on this prestigious honor!


Andrew Norris's picture

Well deserved Pradeep,



De facto a deserved honor! Another model that is worthwhile to emulate for us young students in the near future!

Congratulations! Pradeep. I like your work.

Pradeep Sharma's picture

Dear colleauges, thanks very much for your kind wishes....this was a very pleasant news....regards, Pradeep

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