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Neuber Stress Correction method in Detail(Using FE Results)

Hi All,

 Can please explain in detail, Using the Linear Elastic FE Results how can we get the Elasto plastic Stress ( Using the neuber Stress Correction method).??

Thanks in advance,




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Hi Ganesh,

Look at the Help for PragTic, which you can download from or access it in the HTML form from the same place. Well, I recommend you to download it, because the equations are a bit better readable there. In the tree structure of the help, go in this way: Fatigue calculation methods->Computation concepts->Notch effect->Effect of localized plasticity->Neuber method.

The final formula is implicit, so you have to get the solution iteratively using e.g. Newton-Raphson solution. Note, please, that Neuber method is an approximation, the applicability of which is far from general. But, well, so many people and SW use it that you can take it as some kind of guarantee (or shield).

PragTic runs the Neuber or Glinka correction if asked for it, but this is done in a closed loop in fatigue calculations and there is no direct output of final elastic-plastic values. If you are interested in it, I can implement it to the Tools section, it's a work for one hour only and maybe some other users find it interesting. But I released the last version of PragTic yesterday, so the next one will be prepared in some one or two months...




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