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Your Students Are Your Legacy

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by Prof. David A. Patterson (Professor of Computer Science at U.C. Berkeley,Fellow and past president of ACM)

Viewpoint from a Berkeley professor after 32 years of mentoring Ph.D. students. Hope you enjoy as I do.

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Learning to be a PhD advisor




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Yeah, this is a much challenging viewpoint different from the traditional relationship between professors and students. It will be very lucky for a student to work with such a professor who regards him or her as his legacy. And it could also ignite the enthusiasm of the students on their researches. But unfortunately, the situation is not optimistic in universities in China. Some professors might have ignored this point. It is a pity that lots of talented students have been wasted. I hope this viewpoint by Prof. David A. Patterson could evoke the attention of some professors. After all, this is a mutual beneficial action.

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