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Structural Engineering in 20 years time??!

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Since early 60’s the world of structural engineering has been revolutionised. The advance development in science and technology resolved those issues raised by pioneer engineers but at the same time introduced complications into the world of engineering never known before. The question is where we see structural engineering within the next decade. How do we think it will evolve?

We have already seen its fruitful linkage with material science and certainly cannot doubt its strong co-operation with mechanical engineering. The Structural Engineering like the other physical sciences is based upon the fundamentals of mechanics. Nowadays it is a field, a well known course in many universities, a science and an art of creation but perhaps the evermore challenging question it has faced with is how would it look like in 20 years time? In reality the research in most fields of structural engineering does not receive the attention that edge leading biomedical research does! But it is predominantly improving in most fields.

Let us have a debate here on what we think the future of structural engineering would be? Do we think sustainability and perhaps environmental concerns will dominate the way engineers design structures? Advances in what field you think will mostly affect structural engineering and its fundamental basics? Surely, only focusing on theoretical aspects of engineering will not benefit practice in short-term but isn’t that day close when computers in addition to analysis will execute the code of practice and will design structural elements for us? Considering that, if you are a member of faculty what field would you urge your structural graduates to study as further higher education? And finally what do you think is the edge leading research in structural engineering world of today?


i think soon to be engineers just need to study with the flowing modern technologies because whether we like it or not, we are indeed, in the world of modern technologies. and soon the designs of the engineers needs to be in accordance with the modern technologies.

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