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From the Ph.D Student

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Hi Every one


 I am a new entrant to this site. This site seems to be very good towards technical aspect.

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am a Ph.D student working in the area of fatigue.

- Is there anyone to support and share the knowledge in the domain of fatigue?

- Can anyone guide towards the websites that provides very good information about fatigue and related literatures.


Thanks and Regards

Gopalakrishnan Mohanam



Hi Gopalakrishnan,

     What kind of information are you looking for? do you have anything in mind or can you briefly mention your PhD topic? I am working on fatigue related researcg for PhD and may be able to help you... 



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Hi Gopalakrishnan,

Well, I have the same question as Rajesh. Anyway, you can look at my PragTic project ( - there is some commentary to fatigue problems in the help for PragTic solver. Also the databases of fatigue experiments and prediction results can be useful, so as the Links section... The Forum section there is not still running adequately - the interest is still too low.

I have already commented it here: iMechanicians seem not to be very interested in common fatigue initiation problems and the fracture mechanics is dominant here. This is also a reason, why I believed the Forum on PragTic website has some future, but I have to boost the interaction of the users and the script system first.

Note the PiU prize section, I was informed recently, that the funds for the prize would be increased by some other 1000 Euro donated by Instron. We have to figure it out first as it potentially will be organized as a separate section of the contest. But nobody says that the winner can't win all.





GOPALAERO2000's picture

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your website sharing. It seems to be good one and shall get back to you as I went through it properly.

I have a plan to work towards repaired composite structures. Before that I would like to understand the concepts behind fatigue in a thorough manner. For that I am in need of materials that contains manual calculations in uniaxial ,multi axial and thermal fatigue areas. And also I would like understand the testing and its feasibilities. I believe You have verygood testing experience. I would disturb you towards testing related queries if you are comfortable in sharing your experience.

Thanks and Regards

M Gopalakrishnan

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