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Worldwide Electroactive Polymer (EAP) Newsletter - EAP's Best-Kept Secret

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Let me present to you - the Worldwide EAP Newsletter (

This newsletter has been in existence since 1999.  It is meticulously maintained by its editor - Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen aka Yosi (of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab), and published bienially over the past 10 years.  Over the years, it has published interesting new research, reports and expert comments on EAP technology, and of soft-active materials.  It is written in a clear and concise manner; it is an easy read even for people outside of this field.

For fellow researchers who are in this field for a long time, or if you are just thinking of exploring research in this exciting field, or even if you simply have too much free-time on your hands, you will appreciate this gem.

EAP Newsletter:

Dr. Yosi's Website:

EAP Homepage:




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I have just learned about another remarkable website:, maitained by the research group of John Madden at the University of British Columbia.

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