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Non-linear energy release rate (JI,JII,JIII)

Hi all,

I am currently working on mooney-rivlin materials. I wonder if someone have tried to compute GI, GII and GIII with the EDI because I don't understand how to compute WIII with mooney-rivlin.

Thanks a lot

Joachim Guilie


Nanshu Lu's picture

Hi, Joachim, 

I am also trying to learn something about the fracture of rubber-like materials. I found a pretty recent paper which has a nice summary of this field. Hope it can be helpful to you. 

Hocine N.A. and Abdelaziz M.N., Fracture Analysis of Rubber-Like Materials Using Global and Local Approaches: Initiation and Propagation Direction of a Crack. Polymer Engineering and Science, 2009. 49(6): p. 1076-1088.



It's a very interesting paper. I recently find many papers on ruberry materials by the Professor J.H. Chang.

Ex : Surface Energy for Creation of Multiple Curved Cracks in Rubbery Materials or

Numerical evaluation of J 2-integral for rubbery materials under dynamic loads with finite …
JH Chang, YT Gao, A Professor - Computational Mechanics, 1997 - Springer

Hope it can help you.

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