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A new website has been created for Prof. Raymond Mindlin, including funding solicitation for the Mindlin Medal

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A new website has been recently created for the centennial of Professor Raymond Mindlin. In addition, the Engineering Mechanics Division of ASCE has launched an effort to establish the Mindlin Medal of Applied Mechanics. The goal is to raise about $30,000 to setup an endowment at ASCE. Over $10,000 has been raised so far. More information about the committee, donor list, and how to make a contribution can be found here.


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Thank you for leading this effort. With the website established, the fund raising should be much easier.


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Hi Xi and Rui:


Great to see that major efforts are being made in fundraising for a Mindlin Medal.  This has been discussed before and it may also be done in the IEEE Frequency Control Community.


Also Mindlin's most important work, the monograph prepared for the US Army, has been recently published by World Scientfic after 50 years.  It is edited by Professor Jiashi Yang of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Check out the link and information below: 




by R D Mindlin
edited by Jiashi Yang (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)

This book by the late R D Mindlin is destined to become a classic introduction to the mathematical aspects of two-dimensional theories of elastic plates. It systematically derives the two-dimensional theories of anisotropic elastic plates from the variational formulation of the three-dimensional theory of elasticity by power series expansions. The uniqueness of two-dimensional problems is also examined from the variational viewpoint. The accuracy of the two-dimensional equations is judged by comparing the dispersion relations of the waves that the two-dimensional theories can describe with prediction from the three-dimensional theory. Discussing mainly high-frequency dynamic problems, it is also useful in traditional applications in structural engineering as well as provides the theoretical foundation for acoustic wave devices.


  • Elements of the Linear Theory of Elasticity
  • Solutions of the Three-Dimensional Equations
  • Infinite Power Series of Two-Dimensional Equations
  • Zero-Order Approximation
  • First-Order Approximation
  • Intermediate Approximations

Readership: Researchers in mechanics, civil and mechanical engineering and applied mathematics.

200pp (approx.)Pub. date: Scheduled Spring 2007ISBN 978-981-270-381-1

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