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Modeling Nitinol


I'm new in this forum and I've a problem that i can't resolve.

I need to model nitinol in Abaqus: I've red the documentation and many topic in Internet but I don't understand if I must use a VUMAT subrutine or it is sufficent the tool of user defined material in Abaqus/CAE. I need something simple like an elastoplatic behaviour with hysteresis given by the different states of austenite and martensite.

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Abaqus has a built-in material user subroutine for Nitinol (both umat and vumat). It is somewhat hidden, but it is there. It uses Auricchio's constitutive model, and cover only superelastic behaviour, not shape memory effect. To find guidelines for using the subroutine, I suggest that you check out My Support ( AnswerID: 1658 (or just search for nitinol). You need to sign up to use My Support by the way.



 Jim S. Olsen

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Alternatively, if you want to simulate pseudoelasticity and SME, you may use the




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I am also new in the forum, and I also need to model Nitinol, for my Masters thesis.

I thought of starting with a simple model developed in MATLAB. Did anyone try that? What model is best for a bi-shape memory alloy? I am only aware of Brinson's constitutive model and the mentioned Auricchio's.




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I just posted the webinar announcement.  This is not a record, Nuno and I both will be present live and answer your questions on sceen.

Hope to see you there.

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Yeah, I have seen that!

I just posted a question I have about the software needed to attend the event, since I am very interested in participating indeed.



Abaqus tutorial to calibrate Nitinol material data test in Abaqus


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