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Recent research in Shell Structures

Hello everyone,

    I am M.Tech student,i am working on Stability of shell Structures. I am in the process of selecting a relevant topic to do my M.Tech Thesis. For almost 2months now, i am searching for a topic which will be new and had not done much in the literature.

    I had seen topics like anisotropic shells, buckling instability, snap-through, cracks in anisotropic cylindrical pressure vessels.

     But everything seems to be done as much as required, i wanted to do something new, i thought to apply meshless methods to shell structures. But as these meshless methods are just a tool for analyzing, it was ignored. i dont want to develop some new methods for analysing but wanted to analyze new things.

    I require suggestion from the professors, researchers as you may be working on it for long and you may be knowing the recent trends and researches in Shell structure stability.

   Please suggest me some topic. Expecting your reply soon.

Thank you very much.


Balaji L

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Have all the easy problems and a few hard ones have been "solved" ?  A few possibilities:

1) Stability of parachutes for sailing ships 

2) Biologically inspired shell structures

3) Curved sandwich shell structures with 90 - 120  degree corners 

4) L Mahadevan's work

5) Nonlinear buckling  of various shell structures

6) Shell structures with uncertain variations in geometry and properties 

7) Your own creative ideas.  Could you list some that your advisors have rejected?  And some which they haven't.

Dear Sir,

Thanks a million for your suggestion. i am sorry for the late reply.

Some of your suggestions were really new topics for me. It was really helpful, to know some new topics on shells. The Stability of parachutes of Sailing ships was very nice. I will surely propose these topics to my advisor.

Actually, i didn't had much idea about shells and i didnt get much new creative ideas. All i could think is of proposed to solve the stability problem using Meshless Methods but my advisor suggested me that, as it is just a tool for solving the problem, it will not be a significant project. And i also had an Idea of Solving Hyperbololic paraboloid Shells and PCCP shells, but again these are having less applications.

now i thought to work on FEM modelling of Cylindrical Shells proposed by Prof. CR. Calladine. The Article i have attached here .

 In this topic i am trying to model the state of self-stress or initial stress in the shell using FEM analysis and analyze the buckling behaviour and later in the near future, i like to analyze a spherical and doubly curved shell of same state and influence of cracks and anisotrophy in these states,etc.,.

My doubt in this is, whether there exists a state of "Statical Determinacy" for Spherical and Doubly Curved Shells?

Please help me in this topic, i didnt understand it very well, i guess. Is this project is a good one to analyze?

I want your suggestion on this and whether i should continue, or you feel, this is not very good one and i should try some other topics as some of them as you have suggested?

Plz help.

Thank you.


With Thanks,

Balaji L


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