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If there is no response.....then.....

ramdas chennamsetti's picture

In imechanica when a blog is posted, we get good response / discussion (or sharing ideas, knowledge etc) from members. This happens many times.

If there is no response for a particular blog even after many days...then....what? It may be updated (because some members might have missed it). Even then also if there is no response, what may be done???


Hi Ramdas,

Sometimes, it is advisable to adopt the supposition that the silence indicates that the others are being thoughtful.

This may not actually be the case, of course, but still, it's a socially cute presumption to make...

And, if carrying it becomes a burden, as it might after a while, then it's also perfectly OK to throw it out the window and turn to folks (/works) who (/that) have been there ... (It's just an example, but one of my favorites...)


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