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Meshless methods: A review and computer implementation aspects

For those who are interested in meshfree methods I think this could be an interesting paper/MATLAB code to look here and

 Enjoy, and please ask any question you may have! 




Ask questions?

The prospects aren't nearly as promising as the tone of your current writeup suggests! See:

--Dr. Ajit R. Jadhav


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Hello Sir,Thank you on Pdf. Are you remember me?I wrote messages to you and you responded on me. I fresh on the project of PhD when I pass the overall examination in 11/2009, for this reason I was late to responded with you. . My Dr will work on the the connection with you, start from 10/2009 where the new year of education will start at this date in Iraq.Best RegardsHaider

Dear Dr. Steph,

Can you give us idea/exaplain about the adaptive mesh-free method?

 Best wishes,



Respected Sir,

                     I am trying to plot the MLS shape functions. As the number of sampling points is increased the curves of weight and shape function get smooth; but the peak of shape function gets reduiced very much. Reference " Meshless methods : A review and computer implementation aspects fig-3 and 4" . please guide.


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