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buckling analysis

hi all,

 I am doing buckling analysis of pressure vessel. I want to check the buckling load for individual components.

This pressure vessel is subject to hydrostatic pressure.

So if i want to check this, how to do that. I am not perticular about the softwares.



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What elements do you want to check against buckling? If the vessel is subject to hydrostatic pressure only, then it is not a pressure vessel, but rather just an hydrostatic tank or bin. Are you trying to check compressive stresses due to hydrostatic action near support pads, stiffening rings, etc.? If there is also seismic load, you have to check the shell against compressive stress too and add the effect of the seismic load to the effect of the hydrostatic pressure near pads, stiffening rings, etc.

Namaste from India.Jay Naik here.Sir I am Post graduation Student doing Specialization in Machine Design.I am Doing My project in Master in area of Design of storage tank in One of the reputed company in Static Equipment Design.Sir,Have you any Idea on which Software(Fea or failure analysis) Design of storage tank is carried out?

Secondly i am carrying out Literature review Present days.reading API 650 and other standards.

Please guide me in proper manner.

sorry to interupt your conversation.Correct me if i am wrong.


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Please mention the type of the storage tank. Is it atmospheric or low pressure? Based on API 650 you said, you can start designing of storage tanks by use of AME Tank software. I believe to get a proper understanding of designing storage tank, reading the book by Bob Long, Guide to Storage tank and equipment, would be a great help.  


Salam Mr. Ommani.My Storage tank is liquid sulphur storage tank.As far as datas are concerned tank is atmospheric tank.some specifications:

Type of tank:-Column Supported Cone Roof Tank

Product specific gravity:-1.8

Flash Point:-168 C

Storage Pressure:-0 barg

Tank Diameter:-42 m

Tank Height:-9 m

Design Temprature:-178 C

Storage Temprature:-125 C/150 C(Min/Max)

I have too many datas but i have summarize  some of them.

my mail

in present process, i am reading 3 shell design method.addditionly,i am finding some literature review on tank design.elaborate more about AMEtank.

Since you have replied above message i assume you are experinced in design or more senior to me as i have seen your linkedin profile.

kindly guide me.give me your mail id or reply me on my mail id.

correct me if i am wrong.

thank you.


buckling load
firstly, can u give us whats the package type that u used to simulate and analyze ur case or ur proble, in the same time u should explain directly whats do u mean by buckling?

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