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Impact of cellular materials

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As the title suggests, there are two focuses of this discussion theme: impact and cellular materials.

Impact protection can be very practical problems in safety, fires and explosions, oil and gas industry, subsea structures, car manufacturing, nuclear industry, rocket space engineering, etc.

Cellular materials are interesting as materials with visualable small structures. Shock wave propagation and interaction; gas, fluid and cell wall interactions; together with catastrophic collapse can be fancy problems to study theoretically and experimentally. In this area, continuum mechanics seems still have many challenging problems unsolved, and is useful.

Nanoscale cellular material? Bio-cellular material? Atomic scale impact? Can be very interesting!

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Dear Henry, I am interest in your blog concerning impact. :)

 In your research, are cellular materials used to absorb energy in catastropic events such as impact? what is the impact velocity range?

In my knowledge, cellular materials are widely used in spacecrafts as cabin walls. So,  they are under threat of hypervelocity impact of orbital debris. Do you study phenomena of hypervelocity impacts of projectiles with cellular materials?

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Dear  Runqiang,

Thank you for the comments.

Please check the Club Theme of Dec. 1 2009: Impact of Cellular Materials for further discussion. The address is


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