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Summer Internship at Sandia National Labs, Livermore, CA

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Sandia National Laboratories, California has established the Engineering Sciences Summer Institute (ESSI) program, in which applied mechanics, structural analysis and mechanical engineering graduate students are invited to spend a summer at SNL/CA performing research that would jointly benefit the students and Sandia. The program is nine years old and a description of the program is attached. Because of the funding base for this program, we can only consider students having U.S. citizenship. Last year 7 students from Northwestern University, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Lehigh, Stanford, Brown and the University of California at Irvine participated in the program. Our Department of Energy sponsor considers ESSI a success and is pleased with the increasing interactions generated between Sandia and the academic community and the number of Sandia hires from the program. This next summer we anticipate funding for up to 10 students and are sending this announcement to you as a potential participant. Our budget allows us to pay students a monthly salary ranging from $4000 - $5000 (depending on qualifications) and provide for travel expenses. Students pay their living expenses from their monthly stipend. Our Human Resources Department will work with the students to find local housing. A Sandia staff member will be assigned as a mentor to each student to pursue a research topic of mutual interest. In addition we are planning to have a series of expository seminars and tutorials in applied mechanics by Sandia staff and external speakers throughout the summer. The involvement of faculty advisors in this series is encouraged. Students who are interested in participating in this program need to reply to myself ( with a short vita and one or more possible summer research topics by JANUARY 26, 2007. Alternatively, students are encouraged to apply through Sandia’s on-line web site at URL: . The ESSI internship is listed as job reference number 56797 and can be found easily by searching for the keyword “MECHANICS”. We will make selections and notify each student of the outcome by March 9, 2007. Topics we are interested in include plasticity, damage, fracture, multi-scale issues, molecular dynamics, finite element modeling, experiments, mechanics of bio-molecules, bio-mimetic materials, Micro/Nano systems modeling, and other related applied mechanics subjects. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Jon Zimmerman E-mail:

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