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Materialise launches new Mimics® version: Mimics 13.1

Materialise launches new Mimics® version: Mimics 13.1

Mimics 13.1 focuses on new tools to improve measurements. 

Leuven, Belgium, January 5, 2010. Materialise NV, the world leader in software development for medical image processing, announces the release of Mimics13.1. This software, part of the Mimics Innovation Suite, has become the standard in 3D image processing and editing based on CT or MRI data. Users of this latest version will experience, among others, the optimized and extended measurement tools.  

The release of Mimics 13.1 fulfills the promise Materialise made to deliver two high-quality software releases per year. With this release, the company takes another leap forward in 3D image processing. The most significant improvement is the new capability for re-slicing your medical dataset. 

This function allows the user to reorient the imported dataset in any arbitrary direction, which makes visualizing, segmenting and measure off-axis much quicker and more accurate. In addition, Mimics 13.1 includes several new measurements and updates in some existing measurements.  Materialise also made improvements to the user-friendliness and flexibility of 3D LiveWire, our unique segmentation tool introduced in Mimics 13. 3D LiveWire can now save contours and move points set during segmentation. 

“Everybody knows that ‘to measure is to know’”, says Erik Boelen, Mimics Product Specialist. “That’s why the new release focuses on making measuring easier. The real-time re-slicing tool will contribute a great deal to that. Visualizing and measuring off-axis structures will now be a piece of cake, since you’ll be able to reorient your dataset along a user-defined plane. We’re confident that measurements will be more intuitive and precise, consequently providing the user with more knowledge.” 

The new features include:

  • Real-time re-slicing of your data set in any arbitrary direction
  • Contour saving and the ability to move set points in 3D LiveWire
  • Centerline cross-section and circumference measurements
  • Extended distance-over-surface measurement tool
  • New noise reduction algorithm for CBCT datasets
  • Importing of JPEG files
  • Visualization of the coordinate system in the 3D view


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