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i need help regarding LS-DYNA Tutorial - How to analysis composite impact in LS-DYAN

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hai my name is A.Karthikeyan. i am doing my Ph.D in Composite field especially impact analysis using Ansys LS-Dyna. i do not know how to give input to Ansys LS-Dyna for composite materials. if any body having matrials or tutorial please send me to my mail ID. my mail ID is please saend me any tutorials for Impact analysi of composite materials 

Hi Karthikeyan,

 I'm using Radioss and Pamcrash for composite's impact analysis at work. I'm experienced in using LS Dyna but never try doing composite's modeling with it. Nevetheless the principle must be the same: you need to define the composite layup then the materials characteristics. For crush modeling we use a composite behaviour that taken into account dammage and rupture behaviour in fiber and matrice (direction 1 and 2) and delamination. The difficulty is obtaining  physical parameter for your materials (yield stress in tension, compression in each direction,  yield strain in tension, compression in each direction, delamination shear stress ...). Then you have to decide that the element is eliminated by failure in each ply or in all ply. I hope that can help. If you have a dyna file with composite materials, i can have a look and try to fix it.


Dear Viet-Tung,

I have Fortran Original ans modified MAT-54 code for Ls-Dyna, i need tutorial how to implement a new user material subroutine in Ls-Dyna.

Thank you.

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