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Notes on Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics

These are the notes I wrote at the Technical University of Denmark in 1979. Zhigang Suo and I will be using these in the course on fracture and thin film mechanics (ES 242r) this spring (2007). This is a joint course with the University of Nebraska.

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Rui Huang's picture

One question I am frequently encountered is: how do we analyze fracture with large scale plastic deformation, theoretically and numerically? I learnt a little from Zhigang's class on HRR solution, Dugdale-Barenbllat's cohesive mode, etc. It seems not enough to solve any practical problems. I will try to learn more from this notes. Thank you, John!


Yanfei Gao's picture

I agree with Rui. Large-scale yielding problem is explained very nicely in this lecture note. Despite the current research activities on small-scale plasticity mechanisms, many materials scientists are still inclined to understand it from continuum mechanics.

Yanfei Gao,

Suhasini Gururaja's picture

I second RH! I am currently a TA for Fracture Mechanics (at University of Washington, Seattle) and this is a wonderful resource. :) Thank you John!

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These are indeed a great resource. I have used them many times.

For those who would like to read John's notes on their computers, there is a copy posted in my blog with the pages rotated counterclockwise by 90 degrees.

Dr. Hutchinson,

fracture energy can be calculated experimentally from the area under P-w curve divided
by ligament length. This was calculated by many researchers by taking w at the
crack mouth; however, according to my understanding, from the definition of
fracture energy, w should be calculated at the crack tip.

would appreciate if you could help me in this regards

Thank you

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