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Summer Position in Washington DC - Conversion of Database Assisted Design (DAD) Code to C++


I am seeking a student for the summer (May-August) to begin working on the conversion of an existing MATLAB-based code for the Database Assisted Design (DAD) of tall steel buildings under wind loads to C++. Obviously, the only prerequisite is proficiency in both C++ and MATLAB. A background in wind engineering is not needed as you will learn along the way. 

Please note that this is job intended for an undergraduate/graduate student already in or planning to be in the DC area this summer. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to pay travel expenses from far-away places.

The salary will be paid hourly (~40 hours/week) and is negotiable. The project location is Washington, DC. The start date and end date are flexible.  

If interested, please contact me at or at (202) 319-6952.


Rene D. Gabbai

Assistant Professor

Dept of Mechanical Engineering

The Catholic University of America

Washington, DC 20064



Hello Prof,

I'm not sure of why you need to convert your given matlab code into C++ but thought of sharing this. One can easily convert a given matlab code into freely available scilab code. Scilab code then can easily be converted to C and then into standalone executables for any front-end, written in Java or VB, to access. So, to convert a given matlab code into executable you don't need to know C or C++.


Ratnesh Khandelwal

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