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Theory of Piezoelectricity

Hi there;

Do anyone know? I mean, is there any graduate course in the title of "Theory of Piezoelectricity" or "Theory of Electroelasticity" -or thing like that, related to the concepts of electro-mechanical coupling behaviour of smart materials- at any university? If so, would you please tell me the name of that institute?

I appreciate any assistance.

Thank you;

 This link contains notes from a course I taught on the mechanics of active/smart materials.

›Dear Dr. Landis;

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Good Luck.

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Have you read any books on Piezoelectricity?  There is a graduate textbook by Prof Jiashi Yang at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  he also published a few more monographs on the same subject.  Naturaly, he is teaching graduate class there also.


There are more classes on the subject in other institutions.  For instance, I am teaching one at Ningbo University, China for acoustic wave device applications.

-Ji Wang


Dear Dr. Wang;

Thank you very much for your assistance. In fact, I am a graduate student at Isfahan University of Technology, Iran having a course on mechanics of smart material which it's first (and the most important) reference is "Theory pf Piezoelectricity by Dr. Yang". I wanted to know is there any other course with similar titles.

Anyway thank you again.

Good Luck.

Yes, Prof. wang' advice is good and suitable to you. This is the website of Jiashi Yang:

He had many papers that can be downloaded  in his personal web ago, but now, this web is not available. So if you need his papers, you can send email to him. His email can be found in his web.

Of course, Prof. Wang has always focused on the study in acoustic wave device and has rich experience in piezoelectricity theory, I believe he can help you too!  His laboratory web is

Hope this advice can help you!

›Dear Jiansong;

Thank you very much for useful comments.

I wish you best of luck.


The book:

Electromagnetoelasticity: Piezoelectrics and Electrically Conductive Solids by V. Z. Parton  


is a good book on the topic.


Good luck with your research.


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