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Modeling and Simulation of Strain-mediated Nanostructure Formation on Surface

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In this chapter of "Hankbook of Theoretical and Computational Nanotechnology", I will provide an overview of the progress made in the last decade on theoretical modeling and computer simulation of strain-mediated formation of nanostructures on surface, focusing on strain-induced self-assembly and self-organization of two-dimensional (2D) patterns and structures. As part of a handbook, the main objective of the chapter is not to provide an extensive literature review on the topic. Instead, I will try to provide a general introduction and overview of the basic concepts and physical models along with some relatively detailed discussion of mathematical derivations and technical treatments so that readers (especially graduate students) who are interested in this topic can use this chapter as a guide and reference to start their own modeling and simulation.

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The use of surface stress is kind of awkward. It is confusing with the traditional stress tensor. Why not give another name for the dE/deij/A, so can reduce the confusing?

 I am new in this field.

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Well, surface stress is not a new concept. Assuming surface energy, E(surface) is not awkward to you, then you can see the origin of surface stress. In analogy to bulk stress, which is dE(bulk)/deij/V, then surface stress is defined as dE(surface)/deij/A. Hope this will mitigate you confusing.

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thanks for clarification.

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There is a growing literature on surface stress. A search of "surface stress" on iMechanica gives this list. Some years ago, when I first began to learn the subject, I found this review article written by Bob Cammarata and Karl Sieradzki very helpful. Of course, there are longer, and more refined reviews on the subject, but this particular article for some reason has left a lasting impression on me.

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