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Guide vanes flutter/vibration

Greetings co-researchers,

I am currently designing a full-scale Impulse turbine (2 to 3 m diameter, 0.5 hub to tip ratio) for extracting of energy from waves.The turbine will be connected to a shore based device oscillating water column (OWC), so the airflow through the turbine is bidirectional (i.e. reverses as the wave enters and recedes in the OWC). This means we have to use symmetrical entry and exit guide vanes. These vanes are fixed, not movable.·        The guide vanes are slender, approximately; height 700mm, chord length 600mm and thickness 2 to 5mm. Their role is to redirect the air flow from the axial direction to an angle of 60o ·        The rotor rotation speed is low (100 RPM to 1000 RPM). ·        The airflow is incompressible (Mach number < 0.3) and unsteady as it is related to the wave energy, which means the mass flow inlet to the turbine changes randomly (from zero to a maximum value say 10kg/s). One of the good approximations to this airflow is a sinusoid, but even this is extremely difficult to simulate in Fluent 6.2 CFD.I have done some preliminary forced vibration response analysis of the guide vanes. As far as I can see, the main cause of any vibration of the guide vanes would be the changes on pressure caused by the chopping of the flow by the rotor (i.e. the passing frequency of the rotor/guide vanes assembly). I plan to measure these pressure variations using pressure tapings on an experimental turbine test rig. 

Please could you comment whether in your experience the main source of guide vane vibration would be the chopping of the fluid flow by the rotor. Also I would appreciate it if you have done any experimental or analytical data on this problem.

 Best regards.          

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