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The Chen Group: Micro-Nano-Bio-Mechanics

Xi Chen's picture

Picture of Chen group taken in May 2006: Yuye, Manhong, Xi, Jim, Guoxin

The current research activities of the Chen group focus on various research frontiers in molecular biomechanics, nanoindentation, carbon nanotubes and nanowires, nanoscale energetics, and thin film mechanics. For more details see

The Chen group members include:

Xi Chen, principle investigator

Guoxin Cao, postdoctoral scientist: mechanics of carbon nanotubes, nanowires, and nanostructures, nanoscale energetics

Qulan Zhou, senior visiting scientist: multiphase flow, solid-liquid interaction, energetics

Chengyi Wu, visiting scientist: geotechnical engineering, solid-fluid interaction

Manhong Zhao, 3rd year PhD student: nanoindentation and its novel applications, nanotubes, mechanics of thin films

Yuye Tang: 2nd year PhD student: molecular biomechanics, mechanics of thin films, nanosculpting

Ling Liu, 1st year PhD student: computational nanomechanics and biomechanics, mechanics of nanotubes, nanoscale energetics

Jianbing Zhao, 1st year PhD student (joint advising with Prof. Culligan): solid-fluid interactions, nanoscale energetics

James Mills, part time PhD student from Brookhaven National Lab: indentation and novel applications

Jie Yin, PhD student, to join the group Fall 2007: cellular and molecular biomechanics, mechanics of thin films

Weixu Zhang, visiting PhD student from Xi'an Jiaotong University, to join the group Fall 2007: mechanics of films and coatings, biomechanics

Zhongguo Sun, visiting PhD student from Xi'an Jiaotong University, to joint the group Fall 2007: solid-fluid interactions, energetics

Members supervised by/closely affiliated with the Chen group:

Nagahisa Ogasawara, past visiting scientist: indentation

Dongyun Lee, postdoc joint with other group: small scale testing and fabrication

Xiaoding Wei, 3rd year PhD student joint with other group: small scale testing

Jin Yan, 4th year PhD student at University of Delaware: indentation



Note for Chen group members when posting a research-related new article on iMechanica: Please add the tag chen group for each of your post such that they belong to the same category and we could form a small group in the cyberspace.

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