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Ph.D. Fellowship - Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Structures for Minimum Environmental Impact


The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Catholic University of America (Washington DC) offers yearly a Fellowship to attract new Ph.D. students to the program. This Fellowship is currently available.

In response, I am inviting applications from individuals that are interested in joining an existing effort focusing on the development, and eventual incorporation into existing Database Assisted Design (DAD) software, of novel schemes allowing for the efficient optimization of tall buildings subjected to wind loads. The ultimate objective is to achieve designs that correspond to a minimum of some as of yet undetermined environmental metric.  

The ideal candidate will have a degree in Civil Engineering, as a background in the design/analysis of reinforced concrete structures is critical, and be willing to join the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which is funding the studentship. Programming skills in MATLAB are essential. Note that GRE scores are required for consideration by the Department.

The Ph.D. Fellowship is initially offered for one year. However, it is potentially renewable for a subsequent years depending on performance. The Ph.D. Fellowship covers full tuition and has a base salary of US $12,000 for 8.5 months. Typically, students can earn an additional US $7,000+ during the summer.

Please direct any (serious) expressions of interest or inquiries about this opportunity to:

Dr. Rene D. Gabbai,, Tel. +1 (202) 319-6952

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