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Accuracy and error estimation in extended finite element methods

Stephane Bordas, Marc Duflot and Pierre-Olivier Bouchard announce the WCCM8 mini-symposium Link to detailed pdf description 3d error estimation by extended moving least squares

Accuracy Assessment of the eXtended Finite Element Method: Adaptivity, Comparison with Competing Methods, Industrialisation [ID:141]

Submit your contribution here before Dec. 15th 2007

On behalf of the organisers, I would like to take this opportunity to foster constructive discussions on imechanica related to the above topic.

Best regards,

Stephane Bordas


    I am a PhD student in Xi'an, China.

    I am studying  some XFEM related papers, to start coding the method, I thought it would be easier if I go through a code

for a basic XFEM problem. 
   can you send the xfem matlab code to me.?


Thank You. 

                         liu chengwu

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