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Measuring Fiber Force in Composites

Hi All,

I am looking for a experimental apparatus, technique or commercial equipment which can measure the force in fibers in a composite laminate. I would like to measure the cord force in one of the fibers for some FEA validation study.

Does anybody have any experience in this area or know anybody who knows how to do it. I will really appreciate any help in this regard.


Thanks in advance


Hello Nitesh

My reply may be too late for your quesion. In my experience, our group at Purdue did

experiment using scaled down SHPB(split Hopkison pressure bar) to measure the tensile

stress of the Kevlar fiber. It seemed operator needed much time to stick one fiber to the

machine (SHPB) using super glue. If you need further info, you can ask Dr. W. Chen in

Aeronautics Dept. at Purdue.

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