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A good beginning of 2007

In the very beginning of 2007 I have four papers published or accepted (one is independent research and others are collaborated). All of them are the work done in my doctoral period. The topic is focusing on the enhancement of creep resistance of polymers by incorporating of nanofillers including particles and CNTs.

In January, a collaborated work with Professor Volker Altstädt at University of Bayreuth, Germany appeared in Macromolecular Materials and Engineering (Vol. 292 Issue 1). In that paper SBS nanocomposites based on a SBS triblock copolymer containing different weight fractions of a commercial Cloisite 20A organoclay were prepared by melt-processing. Extensive electron microscopy as well as WAXS and static tensile and tensile creep tests were used to evaluate the resulting morphological and mechanical properties of the nanocomposites. The nanocomposite morphology is characterized by a combination of intercalated and partly exfoliated clay platelets with occasional clay aggregates present at higher clay contents; nanocomposite features that are reflected by the results of both the static tensile as well as the tensile creep tests at room temperature. For this particular thermoplastic elastomer nanocomposite system, well dispersed nanoclays lead to an enhanced stiffness and ductility; effects that induce promising improvements in nanocomposite creep performance.

All in all, the most important thing is that my current work is going on smoothly though there are annoying failed trials that often happen to those people doing experiments.

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