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is it possible bi-directional composite laminates analysis in ansys???

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hi  this murugesan.....i am doing project on composite materials......i have one big doubt in composite analysis...i am using 0+90 net like fiber composites.....i want to analysis laminates of 0+90 orientation of 5mm thicknes and 8 plies.....these orientation are bi-directional.......i found in ansys, we can apply the orientation of uni-directional ply question is, if anyss can analyss the bi-directional laminates? can we give bi-directional orientation.....if ansys did nt perform means, suggest any useful software for performing bi-directional laminates analysis..........kindly inform me through mail also....

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I personally feel that this can be simulated in ANSYS. Try to get lamina level properties of bi-directional fabric. Main advantage in bi-directional fibers is improved E22 and E33 compared to those in unidirectional (UD) fibers. E22 may also be equal to E11 if  fibers in [0] and [90] direction are equal. Use lamina level properties of bi-directional fibers for assigning layerwise properties as we do in case of UD fibers. I think it should work.

Best regards,

- Ramadas

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Dear Ramadas,

I need an urgent need to know about modeling a simple rectangular composite plate with ansys and preparing it to do an analysis on(buckling, for example). 

I hope u can help me with any information about it.

If u were interested please send them via my email ID below





Ineed to know who to make good bond beetwen concreate and reinforcment sttel

im modlindg it by smeerd approatsh also who to increase   loading outmaticlay


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Hi Hameed,

You may write me the details of lay-up, model etc to the following id:

Best regards,

- Ramadas 

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