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Phanish Suryanarayana

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Blog entryPostdoctoral positions at Georgia Institute of Technology Phanish Suryana...11 year 3 months ago
Blog entryJournal Club for July 2018: Mechanics using Quantum Mechanics Phanish Suryana...71 year 6 months ago
Blog entryBloch wave framework for structures with nonlocal interactions: Application to the design of origami acoustic metamaterials Phanish Suryana...01 year 8 months ago
Blog entryPostdoctoral Position at Georgia Institute of Technology Phanish Suryana...03 years 5 months ago
Blog entryCyclic density functional theory: A route to the first principles simulation of bending in nanostructures Phanish Suryana...03 years 5 months ago
Blog entryAnderson acceleration of the Jacobi iterative method: An efficient alternative to Krylov methods for large, sparse linear systems Phanish Suryana...04 years 2 months ago
Blog entryRestarted Pulay mixing for efficient and robust acceleration of fixed-point iterations Phanish Suryana...04 years 5 months ago
Blog entryAb initio strain engineering of graphene: opening bandgaps up to 1 eV Phanish Suryana...04 years 8 months ago
Blog entryA very interesting, inspiring article Phanish Suryana...35 years 3 weeks ago
Blog entryAugmented Lagrangian formulation of Orbital-Free Density Functional Theory Phanish Suryana...05 years 6 months ago
Blog entryCoarse-graining Kohn-Sham Density Functional Theory Phanish Suryana...06 years 3 months ago

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