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ABAQUS modelling of rotating smeared crack model

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I want to know if it is possible to accomplish crack analysis in concrete by using co_axial rotating smeared crack model in Abaqus?

I need help with MIMICS software please

Hi all,

 I need some help with MIMICS software please. I have a CT scan images for the whole body and i need to create 3D object for the shoulder model to each part Humerus and Scapula and then perform some measurments then Export it to ABAQUS. Does any one have any idea. Please help.

My email is:


Thank you with my regards


Forge2008 to Abaqus (.unv to .inp) subroutine Sigini

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a linking project between two software: Forge2008 and Abaqus.My goal is to transfert output datas ( nodes,elements, stress tensor) from one software  as input datas for the next one.

In order to realise this task I have to understand the output format .unv of Forge 2008  (Universal I-deas format) and convert this file to .inp ( Abaqus)

And use the subroutine Sigini in Abaqus to put initial conditions.

So to sum up  do you have informations about .unv file (description of elements)

Run Multiple jobs at once in abaqus

Hi all,

I would like to know whether there's any method to submit a
number of Abaqus implicit jobs at once (like letting it to run whole
night without any attention)? Also is there any way to run those jobs
without opening Abaqus CAE (like in the command prompt) in a computer
with Windows vista? I have modeled everything in CAE.

Thank you!


How can I apply a certain rotation in ANSYS ?


Dear all

I have a plate model in ANSYS.

How can I apply a certain rotation on a line or on a surface in ANSYS ?

 (i.e. ROTZ=1.0)

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tension/compression assymetry problem in Abaqus

Hello all

 I am trying to model a composite material with different tension and compression modulus (elastic analysis).  Does anyone know how to do it ??


Thanks for help.

Disparity in Simple Shear solution in ABAQUS

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Dear All,
We tried to simulate simple shear using ABAQUS and compared it with the analytical solution. To our surprise, even though the equivalent stress and strain matched perfectly, the component stress and strain had a large deviation between the semi analytical and ABAQUS methods. The zero components in the analytical model were calculated to be non-zero in the results of ABAQUS. This paradox could not be understood clearly as whether it is a case of software deficiency or conceptual error. A COMPLETE ANALYSIS OF THE PROBLEM IS ATTACHED AS A REPORT.

contact element(ANSYS)


I will model laminated composite and it have contact element at between layers. Can anybody help me for define of contact element(ANSYS) at between layers?

thank you

Reconstruction of Saved Stiffness Matrix from ADINA


I have saved the global stiffness matrix generated by ADINA. the format of data stored is like below:

        1            1
        2            2
        3            4
        4            7
        5           11
        6           16



periodic boundary conditions in ABAQUS 6.9-1


I have a problem with applying periodic boundary condition. I have used *EQUATION in constraints for opposite nodes and surfaces. But I still have some problem with that for sure I making some simple mistake. If anyone could look at my model and find problem. Abaqus version 6.9-1 .
Thanks a lot.

IOSO and ANSYS to provide a joint Webinar on Robust Design Optimization


Sigma technology to participate in ansys RDO webinar series

Multilevel Robust Design Optimization IOSO technology coupled with ANSYS CFX will be shown for real-life application

Shearwall simulation in LS-DYNA

Dear friends,

Is there anyone who use LS-DYNA program to simulate shear wall type structure, and what kind of MAT and elements do you think is suitable to simulate the shear wall?

 Thank you!




FSI analysis of a simplified turbine using a sliding mesh

Hi all,

I exercised "Prob37: FSI analysis of a simplified turbine using a sliding mesh" ADINA tutorial. I got an error message and the program stopped solving.

The error message:


-R option cannot be used for adaptive-mesh or sliding mesh. You can use -m -M options.

What are the -R,-m, -M options? How can i solve this problem? 

Mimics®14 enables design on anatomical data

Mimics 14 comes with a CAD-like functionality, enabling you to design directly on anatomical data. 


CONTACT version 10.2 released

Dear all,

Herewith I want to announc the release of CONTACT version 10.2.

The main changes with respect to earlier versions of the program are as follows:

Your Opinions About Open Source Software

All, I am conducting a survey and your response would be very much appreciated. The purpose of the survey is to gather data that will help the developers of open source software improve the success of their projects. All replies received before midnight Sunday 26th September will be entered into a draw for a £30 Amazon gift voucher. Here is a link to the survey: Click here to take survey Thanks for your participation! Lee Margetts

boolean operation


I want to model a plate that connected with stiffening beams in ANSYS.

 beams and plates has rigidly connected together, and there were no joints.

for model this, I first make an area and secondly extend this area to make a volume.

then I divide this volume to seperate plate and beams.

this is my question :

what relation exist berween components when they divide from one volume.

I mean suppose we have a volume, then we divide it in to two parts, what relation exist between this two new



Hi all,

     Currently, I am using ANSYS 12.1 for the fatigue crack propagation simulation for the edge crack & center crack plates. It is a mixed mode crack propagation.


Can anybody please tell me or guide me how to write the code in the ANSYS using APDL for automatic remeshing around the cracktip when crack propagates to the new position?

 Thanks in advance. :) 

FEM Programming -Adaptive Remeshing Problem Because of Penetration(Figure was attached to illustrate the problem)

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I'm programming by myself to do the simulation of forming process. I met the problem below. [img_assist|nid=8910|title=probelm|desc=penetration in adaptive remeshing|link=none|align=left|width=60|height=100]

I used second order triangular elements and h-refinement method in the simulation. When the workpiece(bottom) is remeshed, the new node is inside of the tool(upper). How can i solve the problem?

Any help will be appreciated!


Discrepancy of numerical results from analytical solution for an nonlinear viscoelasticity model

  I have written a Fortran code for nonlinear viscoelasticity according to the Hughes' recurrence algorithm based on a total Lagrangian formulation.  And a relaxation test is made. There is some deviation from the analytical solution(Theoretically the stress response should be an exponential decay plus a constant, isn't it?). The numerical ultimate stress is larger than the analytical one. As a larger initial strain is applied, the deviation is smaller. For a inital strain of 10%, there is almost no difference between the num. and analy. solution. What can account for this?


pin forces in ANSYS

hi all,

i am doing static analysis on a pick and carry crane, i need to find the pin forces. for this i created entity set with the nodes where the forces are to be derived and ran a static analysis in ansys.In order to derive the forces , i first picked the entity set and then applied the nodal loads from the list result options. the result that i got was not fine. it states there was zero forces on the pins, but its not.i need to find the pinforces, so kindly let me know , how to do it.




LBB Modeling in ANSYS

Hi every one.

i realy need to know how can model and solve LBB condition for a simple example in ANSYS.please help me.

god bless you 

question about abaqus

Hi guys

I want to simulate a problem with abaqus,but during runing of my project,percent of process not increas for axample when i change mesh sizes to biger runing go up to 50 % and when i change mesh sizes to smaller than the previos size,it occure again but in 25%

is there any one that know about this problem,i'm trying to solve it for 2weeks but i cann't.

I'm waiting for your suggestions...

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ansys rotor dynamics analysis

dear all

I need information about ansys rotor dynamics modeling and vibration analysis. please help me in this reserc. 

tanks everyone.


Crack modeling

Hi guys

I want learning about crack modeling in abaqus,

is there anyone to give me some example about crack modeling in abaqus?I think working on example is too faster to learn about modeling this type of events.

I'm waiting for your help


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