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How can I model the progressive damage of composite materials

Recently, I indulged myself into the progressive damage simulation of composite materials. I firstly used the USDFLS to create several fields to define certain kinds of damage, such as fiber crack, matrix crack, shear damage and delamination. One curious thing that I experienced into this is that ABAQUS/Standard informed me that "Stiffness defined by engineering constants is not physically reasonable. Check choice of poisson's ratios". I checked the data and changed some to comply with the rules of the transversely isotropic materials and the program proceeded. 

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ABAQUS/aqua offshore structures analysis

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Hi Friends

I would like to get informations about ABAQUS aqua which is being used for offshore analysis, if any one have anything about that subject including (tutorials , examples and notes ) I would be grateful to him in providing me with.

Thank you all

wave propagation

I have a concrete pile under impact load ,is there a any method to simulate wave propagation in Ansys,

please help me.

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Residual Stress Modal Analysis in Abaqus

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I want to do modal analysis of a simple structure under the effect of residual stress. How can I do it in Abaqus ?? I need the precise steps to do with the GUI.

How the abaqus calculate the energy ?

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How the abaqus calculate the energy ? such as ALLSE  ALLCD  ALLKE......all the energy variables.

what is the eaxct  equations?

all the abaqus manuals hadn't say something about the equations to calculate the energy.

ANSYS Mechanical Thermal Analysis - Average Temperature

I've a result from thermal transient analysis. The result shows the maximum and minimum temperature of 4cm * 4cm plate with thickness of 1 mm.

Since the temperature of that plate is not uniform, so I'd like to see the average temperature from overall plate. How can I do it?

Thank you.

ABAQUS - Beam, Plane Stress, and Plane Strain Element Compatibility

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I am working with a simulation of a thin component bonded to a thick
component in ABAQUS 6.7.  Here I utilize beam (B21) elements bonded to
plane strain elements (CPE4R) using a *TIE constraint, and another
simulation that uses plane stress elements (CPS4R) bonded to plane
strain elements (CPE4R) using a *TIE constraint.  In both cases the
plane strain elements represent the slave surface for the bonded

Extrude a solid section

Hi all,

       I am having some troubles with the extrude command in Abaqus cae. I have modeled my sample as a 2-D geometry and now I want to move to 3-D for the same section. But I am having trouble extruding my 2-D section. It seems to me very weird and far to complicated the extrusion process in abaqus for such a simple task...

Thank you,


Discussion forum w.r.t. CONTACT software

Herewith I announce to you that we created a discussion forum for topics related to our contact mechanics software on our website .
The idea is to facilitate discussions and information exchange between users,
and between users and developers.

Abaqus "initial condtions"

Am writing as a statement in my model the option initial conditions, am not sure where is the excat palce so i run my file to identify the error "as follows" but still not knowing where to do so?!! (it said under level: Model)!!!

Thank you!

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How to obtain array constants, A(N), in MPC subroutine Abaqus




/* Style Definitions */

simulation of the resonance of a metal structure ansys 12.1

is it possible to load (or simple harmonic ...) this structure to make it resonates and see the amplified strains.
What are the steps:
- I have already started extracting the natural frequencies (modal analysis I took 6 modes).
- I still have to apply a harmonic load F (t) = f 0 cos (alpha * t), I can not make this charge (I froze here)
- Instead it will force following the direction of the first response of the structure (the first nature-value) in the direction of the distortion along the + y axis (blue arrow)

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please tell if any body knows Step by Step procedure how to execute the problem described below....

My project is "Study on the behaviour of FRP strengthened concrete structures subject to cyclic load".

concrete 1500 x 100 x 200

CFRP: 460 x 50

Adhesieve: epoxy(sikadur 30): 460 x 50 x 0.01

Steel: 1500mm, 4mm radius, circular profile.

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Abaqus/explicit problems

Hi Frns,

            I'm doing project entitled, " Study on the behaviour of CFRP strengthened concrete structures subject to cyclic loading" both experimental and analytical part using Abaqus. ( All dimensions are in terms of SI units[N,mm,s])

                             concrete dimensions: 1500 x 100 x 200 (L x B x D), M40 grade, 

                              Steel: 1500 length, radius: 4. circular profile

                              CFRP laminates: 460 x 50 

                              Adhesieve: Epoxy Sikadur 30: 460 x 50

Inter-laminar Stress For Analysis Composite Material With ANSYS

Hi There

I have analysed a composite part with ansys with solid46 element . I need to show layered stress in each layer for example stress in fiber or stress in epoxy. how can do that ?

please help me



Abstract: The braking operation is a process which converts the kinetic energy and the potential energy of the vehicle into other energies. The major part of the mechanical energy is transformed into heat. During the braking phase, the frictional heat generated at the interface disc - pads can lead to high temperatures.

[ANSYS] Composites. Problems using shell181 at postproc and tsai-hill criterion

Hi all,

I've modeled a composite sandwitch with ANSYS with a pressure. The element chosen was SHELL181.
I want to know the Stresses in the x, y and xy directions; the displacements and the deformations only in a few points so as to compare with the Navier and Rayleigh-Ritz solutions made following Reddy's book.

1.-The first problem is that I don't know how to ask ANSYS to list the displacements and deformations.

2.-The second one is that I know how to ask ANSYS to list all the elements in a layer,

modelling and simulation of lspring damper system in ls dyna

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modelling and simulation of spring damper system in ansys ls dyna in drop test form plz guyss  help me out with this if any 1 can ................. regards

How to model spring damper system in ls dyna 12.1

hi how r u im doing a project based on landing gear struts system . i want to replace hydralic landing gear system by spring damper system in ls dyna . plz guys i need urgent help i m short ov time plzzz help me out

A free program to generate interface elements in an existing FE mesh

Hello all,

Last year when I started implementing interface elements to model material failure, I realized that the formulation is easy except how to generate a mesh with interface elements. I did a googling to search for such a free program. Amazingly, I did not find any although there are many researchers working on the fracture mechanics field.

So, I wrote a small object-oriented C++ program which reads a FE mesh, duplicates nodes and insert interface elements where asked. The program is able to

(1) insert 1D/2D interface elements everywhere in a FE mesh

ABAQUS user material subroutine VUMAT and Eulerian mesh...

Hi there,

 Has anyone ever used a vumat subroutine with Eulerian elements? it seems that the stress update formulation is different from the way it is in Lagrangian approach! If you have any experience in this regard I'd highly appreciate if you share it with me.


my first step with abaqus

hello i am in my first contact with abaqus  i worked with plaxis but i want to model a pile in cyclic load i think that abaqus is more complete than plaxis but can any body show me how to start using abaqus in geotechnical problem

best salutations

Couple field Analyses in Abaqus

i need to know how Couple field analyses i.e (Electrical-thermal-strucutral) to be done or can be done in Abaqus 6.10


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