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software of interest to mechanicians

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Abaqus Script Manual/Tutorial

I have written a introduction manual/tutorial on Abaqus Scripting. I got some good feedback from my colleagues. Therefore, I would like to share the manual.The manual should give a short introduction (it will not take more than one hour) to Abaqus script in Python.

You can find the manual here:

Abaqus Script Manual

Via the same link you can also find more information on the connection between Matlab and Abaqus

Good luck!

Defining density as a solution dependent variable in VUMAT (Abaqus/Explicit)?

Hi All,

I am trying to simulate tooth deformation. It involves that the density of tooth changes with deformation. I want to know is it possible to define density as a solution dependent variable in VUMAT?

 Thank you in advance!


Simulation of wave propagation in ABAQUS/CAE

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Hi, I am working on modeling wave propagation in ABAQUS/CAE.

I am not expert on ABAQUS and trying to figure out how it works.

I have a 2D Shell steel plate (1 centimeter by 1 centimeter) and try to obtain wave speed at any points of plate.

I put the material properties in and used ABAQUS/Explicit analysis.

Time steps are 1E-009 seconds and there are 2 steps (impulsed at the first step and propagates at the second step).

The load pluged at the amplitude with equaily spaced for 0.1 micro seconds (so it becomes impulse load).

ABAQUS CAE specialist please help

Hello every,

I am trying to create the model in ABAQUS CAE with cohesive elements. I try a simple 2D case.I did the following

1. i create two parts a) rectagular part

                              b) a line whick suppose to be cohesie elements later

2. I create two materials , elastic and cohesive

 Then i create to sections Solid section and cohesive section

When i make section assignment for solid part it is ok, i see the material, but when i make section assignment to the cohesive part, no section name apears in the window.

orthotropic nonlinear viscoelasticity/creep in Ansys


 I would like to know if there is any chance to simulate orthotropic nonlinear viscoelasticity/creep of CFRP in ANSYS (e.g. by means of user programmable features (UMAT subroutines) or using the software DIGIMAT or others)? For the nonlinear part I would like to use Schapery's method.

 Many thanks for yor help!


ABAQUS CAE Tutorial on Cohesive elements

Dear ALl,

Who could recommend me tutorial for cohesive elements in CAE.

I have tried to find in Internet and didn't find it.

Best regards


quasi-static simulation


i am working on crushing of thin-walled section. i want to simulate quasi-static crushing in LS DYNA. for that i did scale the mass, but somehow it is not showing the deformation. i get deformation of .03mm for tube of 90mm. what might have been gone wrong?

please help me.


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Positive definite stress-strain matrix

Dear friends,

 I'm an MSc. student at Bogazici University, Turkiye and I'm working on a thesis project about the failure behaviour of fiber reinforced laminated composite plates under different loading types. The material which we use are AS4 fiber reinforced  prepregs and their mechanical properties are the following:


E11 =134,000 MPa

E22 = E33= 9480 MPa

G12 = G13= 5490 MPa

G23 MPa =3272

Modeling of a reinforced concrete beam under a rolling load.

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Hi, we're trying to model with ABAQUS a reinforced concrete beam under a rolling load. We want to investigate the compressive low cycle fatigue of reinforced concrete elements under a variable bending moment. We are using a Static Step (total step time: 18000 sec) and a concentrated force applied on the middle cross section with the following load history*:

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DNAD, a simple tool for automatic differentiation


I am writing to introduce DNAD, a Fortran module I wrote for automatic differentiation of analysis codes written in Fortran including those legacy codes written in Fortran 77. Although only implementation using Fortran 90/95 was carried out, it is straightward to translate it to a language you like such as c/c++.

how to get seepage quantity using ABAQUS

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Hi, I am doing a simulation of a reservoir, and I want  to calculate the water quantity on a boundary. But I find that it seems ABAQUS cannot output the results directly. If I were wrong, then how to output the seepage quantity, or if ABAQUS cannot do this, how can I get the result?


Need Help regarding SFTC DEform 3D software

i am using Deform 3D for my analysis but wats the problem in this software i cant input the material properties,flow stress of the material so the validation with theoritical becomes difficult so if anybody doe know about this how to input the matl pproperties and force of the press please help me

why does not my subroutine work?

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Hello, Everyone!

     This is the first time that I come here to ask for help,so I wish that I can get the answer!

     I'm modeling with ABAQUS, My problem is how to use a subroutine which contains two external functions ?I need your help, Thank you!

Help Regarding composite material Analysis in Ansys

hello to all,

                 I m new to composite material analysis, I am  doing a project for wind turbine analysis in ansys. The wind turbine contains total 96 layers of two different material which is stacked alternatlly. i dont know about the modelling and analysis procedure of composites. i don't understand how to connect the surfaces.

                 thanking you..............

Ansys File Import

I am working on a FEM project in which i should import a complicated 3D model to Ansys.

 I created The IGES format of the model which the size was 52Mb for the IGES file.The model contains very curvy surfaces and it is is created By 3D doctor....


when i import it to ANSYS it doesnt create any volume and i can see only small areas. 

now how can i make the model more handy for ansys....also i need to have a volume in order to meshing....

could u please help me to get out through this?


Computing Thermal Stresses for Composite using ABAQUS/CAE


I am new in ABAQUS. I am trying to find the thermal stresses created by change in temparature of 50'C for lainate consisting of [90/+45/-45/0]s configuration. Eventually what I intend to do is find the stresses under a simple uniaxial load which also consider the change of temperature while calculating the stresses in each ply. I have the material data for the coefficinet of thermal expansion both for longitudinal and trnasverse directions (alpha_11 and alpha_22).

Is there any suggetion of approches I may take.

Many thanks in advane !!!!



How can I model the progressive damage of composite materials

Recently, I indulged myself into the progressive damage simulation of composite materials. I firstly used the USDFLS to create several fields to define certain kinds of damage, such as fiber crack, matrix crack, shear damage and delamination. One curious thing that I experienced into this is that ABAQUS/Standard informed me that "Stiffness defined by engineering constants is not physically reasonable. Check choice of poisson's ratios". I checked the data and changed some to comply with the rules of the transversely isotropic materials and the program proceeded. 

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ABAQUS/aqua offshore structures analysis

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Hi Friends

I would like to get informations about ABAQUS aqua which is being used for offshore analysis, if any one have anything about that subject including (tutorials , examples and notes ) I would be grateful to him in providing me with.

Thank you all

wave propagation

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Residual Stress Modal Analysis in Abaqus

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I want to do modal analysis of a simple structure under the effect of residual stress. How can I do it in Abaqus ?? I need the precise steps to do with the GUI.

How the abaqus calculate the energy ?

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How the abaqus calculate the energy ? such as ALLSE  ALLCD  ALLKE......all the energy variables.

what is the eaxct  equations?

all the abaqus manuals hadn't say something about the equations to calculate the energy.

ANSYS Mechanical Thermal Analysis - Average Temperature

I've a result from thermal transient analysis. The result shows the maximum and minimum temperature of 4cm * 4cm plate with thickness of 1 mm.

Since the temperature of that plate is not uniform, so I'd like to see the average temperature from overall plate. How can I do it?

Thank you.


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