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Geometry&FEM connection in Mechanical APDL (ANSYS)

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Hello everbody,

I'm mechanical engineer and working as FEA Engineer in GATES. I have
been using ANSYS for 5 years and I want to ask a question about new
version of ANSYS.

I use ANSYS Mechanical 12.1. I connect "geometry" and "setup" to
Mechanical APDL box in "project schematic". Then when I open Mec. APDL, I
can see the cad model (areas, lines, volumes) and FEM (nodes, elements)
but they aren't connected to each other. is there any way to connect
solid model to finite element model?

Best Regards.

hydroplaning simulation

Hello all,

I want to model hydroplaning problem in abaqus. how to simulate water component in between tire and a pavement in abaqus.

I want to use either Coupled-Eulerian-Lagrangian algorithm or Aribitrary-Lagrangian-Eulerian algorithm at the contact patch but i could find any one of these features in abaqus.

Please tell me in detail, if any one has done this problem in abaqus.

Thanks a lot


Which program? ABAQUS, Comsol or Ansys

Hi all,

I am a PhD student at the first months. I have to choose a finite element software to study impact effect on biological soft tissues. After some web researches the softwares which seem to be more suitable are ABAQUS, Comsol Multiphisics and Ansys.
My intention is to develop an user defined material model considering the material as anisotropic porous-visco-elastic.
I would appreciate some suggestions/opinion. I am specially interested in dynamical simulations.

Running python script through matlab

Dear Friends , 

                  I am using an optimisation algorithm in matlab.I need to start abaqus from Matlab ( Using abaqus job=jobname), later i want to run a python code to extract some history outputs and feed into matlab. The process involves many iterations . Can anybody tell me how i can run the python script from Matlab ?.

 Thanks and Best Regards  

IOSO Optimization Software video tutorials

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Dear Colleagues,

boundary element metod software question

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I have written the program in C++ which is based on one of BEM (Method
of fictitious loadings) . I know there are a lot of open libraries of
functions for programming for example openCV or OpenFEM. I could not
find Open Source library for BEM. Please if you know them, give links.

Thanks and Regards,



boundary element metod software question


I have written the program in C++ which is based on one of BEM (Method of fictitious loadings) . I know there are a lot of open libraries of functions for programming for example openCV or OpenFEM. I could not find Open Source library for BEM. Please if you know them, give links.

Question on the visualization softwares of texture.

Hi everyone,

I want to know if there are some opensource softwares to transfer the x-ray raw data to representative discrete pole figure data by Euler angles ? Now I know how to calculate ODF from x-ray raw data with the help of "Mtex". But I dont know how to get representative discrete pole figure data by Euler angles, which is used for CP numerical simulation, from ODF.

Thank you very much!



TAHOE open source FEM code

Hi I hope some users are working on the open source FEM code TAHOE.  The link from sandia National Laboratories ( to download the software is not working. I got the tahoe 1.2 .tgz from But I am unable to create the executable in linux as it is displaying some error. If any one has compiled executable I kindly request you to post it.

 Thanks and Regards,


Using Fortran compiler pgf90 with ABAQUS-6.9

A problem we are trying to solve in ABAQUS-6.9 involves user defined Fortran subroutine to be compiled by ABAQUS. The default compiler used by ABAQUS is ifort, but what we have is pgf90. Is it possible to make ABAQUS use pgf90 compiler instead of the default ifort ? How?


Thank you

Vaibhav Yadav

What type ANSYS error this is........

In ANSYS Gives following Error......
Error...."Use of the M switch is no longer recommended for normal ANSYS use. ANSYS now dyanamically allocates memory as needed. Only use the -M switch if you are certain that you need to do so".and suddenly ANSYS window close automatically.....

 please give the suggestions

designing a diaphragm

I am designing a diaphragm for shock tube, I need formulation to calculate the thickness of the diaphragm for rupture pressure, I intend to use thin aluminium foil as a diaphragm. Can I use thin-wall theory? σ=pr/t


Hi,I'm new to ANSYS. i'm working on project of active vibration control using piezoelectric patches using ANSYS . 

But i'm finding it difficult in modeling of piezoelectric  actuators and the input data required for it(VOLTAGE AND MATRIX).

Can any1 help me?i will be thankful

abaqus help

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i m trying to do thermal analysis of rapid manufacturing process called LENS in abaqus(64-bit). Based on thermal results(thermal odb), i m doing a stress analysis. In order to complete a 90 step analysis along with DFLUX subroutine using quadritic (DC3D20) elements (approx 30000 elements), it takes nearly 30 hours(intel core i-7 processor and 6Gb of RAM) and more than 7 days to complete stress analysis. 13-14% of the CPU usage is observed duing stress analysis. is there any way to enhance the performance?? because its using only 13% of CPU though i have 7 processors. 

Coupled Temperature Displacement Analysis for layered Soild

I am trying to carry out coupled temperature displacement analysis for layered solid in ABAQUS 6.8 but it is not accepting coupled temperature displacement type element for layered solid (Composite). I would like to request for some suggestions/ way out to carry out the same in ABAQUS.


Thank you.


with regards


What we call Robust Design Optimization (IOSO RDO Application example)

Nowadays there are many technologies that people call Robust Design Optimization. Among them one can encounter for example such popular methods like six-sigma.

AISI 4150 or DIN 50CrMo4 Steel Flow Stress Curve Data for Machining Simulation

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Hi All,

I am into machining simulation of 50CrMo4 Steel in DEFORM 3D and I need the flow stress curve data for various temperature and various strain rates. I have searched in as many journals as possible, but in vain. It would be of immense help if some one could share the material model data with me.

Thanking you in advance

With Best Regards

Ashwin Devotta 

strain components in plasticity analyses using abaqus

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I have recently been obtaining strain components using abaqus when modelling metal plasticity problems (large deformation/strain, 3D model using C3D8R elements) and accepting the strain components as supplied in the output. A colleague has questioned the validity of such components (i.e. integrating strain rate to get strain) when the principal axes rotate, which is inevitable in the type of deformation I am modelling. I had assumed the co-rotational formulation in Abaqus would take care of this. Any comments would be welcome.

How is this possible in ABAQUS?

I am trying to run UHYPER in ABAQUS 6.9EF1. I have the following questions:

1) How can I get the nodes
ID associated
with element# NOEL in UHYPER subroutine?

2) How can I get the
coordinates of the displaced nodes associated with element# NOEL in UHYPER
subroutine in the middle of the simulation? I tried to use GETVRN but it seems it does not work in

Run ANSYS through MATLAB

Hello All,

Does anyone know if it is possible to run ANSYS as a solver through MATLAB ? I want to run optimization in MATLAB and change some variables whether they are geometry or material variables and run ANSYS through MATLAB to solve especially ANSYS CFX or Workbench where I can have multiphysics.

If this is possible, I would appreciate it if you can share the method of how to do so.

Thank you all


getting interfacial strain

 i have modelled a 3D  RC beam and strengthened it with FRP and used cohesive elment for modelling the adhesive .

so for finding theinterfacial  strain between concrete and FRP ,which strain must I opt for namely , E, NE, LE, PE

And  i want to know what theses stand for(E11, NE11, LE22) . I hav read it in manual but can I get more information on this 

Uniform deformation on a surface

Hi everyone,


I just started to use the Abaqus FE program and I would like to ask some help. I would like to determine the elastic properties of a composite material therefore I designed an representative element but I need to constraint the nodes of each surface to achieve uniform deformation at each nodes on the surface. I tried the multiple point constraints but I alvalys got an error message saying that:

tuhinsinha.25's picture

Determining multiple contact pairs in Abaqus explicit


I want to know that is there a novel way of defining several two dimensional contact pairs in Abaqus/Explicit. I know that abaqus has the capability of defining a general contact but it is restricted only to Abaqus standard and 3D Abaqus explicit problems. 

I have a 2D plane strain problem where I have to specify more than 1000 contact pairs in the assembly between similar instances of the same part. Is there a fortran subroutine that could be used to determine so many contact pairs?







I am doing project in Journal Bearing. I want to run Contact Analysis in ABAQUS to understand the Tribological properties. Could you please help me to learn the Contact Analysis in ABAQUS.

 Thanking you.



Basker. K 


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