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Instability-driven vesicle growth in biological cells

Journal: PNAS, published ahead of print, March 9 2015, doi:10.1073/pnas.1418491112

Title: Endocytic proteins drive vesicle growth via instability in high membrane tension environment

Authors: Nikhil Walani, Jennifer Torres, and Ashutosh Agrawal 

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Journal Club Theme of December 2014: Neuromechanics

Descartes said: `I think, therefore I am’. Darwin wrote, ‘I think’. Unarguably, the brain is the most complex and mysterious part of our body that has intrigued both scientists and philosophers alike for centuries. It is the seat of our sensory perception, emotions, learning, memory, and consciousness. While the role of electrochemistry in the working of the brain and these processes have been investigated extensively in the last century, the role of mechanics or mechanical stimuli in controlling the structure and function of the brain has remained essentially elusive.

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