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Is it possible to apply time history functions from file as load, to certain points in model (abaqus)?

I need to do vibration analysis of masonry building at certain points on the model. I do have numbers of time history data files (first column = time, second column = acceleration), which need to be applied at certain parts on the model (ranging from 1st floor to 3nd floor) . 

From my understanding, the time history data can be inputted in Amplitude>tabular and set the BC as acceleration.

However, is it possible to apply time history functions as load to a certain points on model (ABAQUS program)?

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Vibration analysis of multi storey building

Hai, currently im trying to analyse multi storey masonry building using ABAQUS with the input of vibration dynamic data (Vibration dynamical building performance), is there any possibility to import the vibration data of ".txt" file or must be input manually ? 

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Masonry modelling (interaction)

Hi, is there anyone has the experience in modelling and solving masonry structural system ? currently im facing the issue in inputting the data of interaction between the blocks of masonry. i'm trying to model 3 storey masonry (material : Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) ) building in ABAQUS program by implementing 'macro-modelling' technique, where the block size is 200x400mm including 10mm thickness of mortar joint. 

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Essential parameter/properties masonry structure modelling (ABAQUS)

hai, im haidar (undergraduate-civil engineering from Malaysia)

Kindly please help me, 

currently im working on my thesis which majorly focused on the dynamic analysis of masonry (Concrete Masonry Unit) multistorey building structure,

presently, im modelling the 3 story building (including ground floor) of masonry building with block size of (200x400mm) including 10mm thickness of mortar joint

(macro-modelling) using the ABAQUS program. However, im facing few issues and confusion regarding on masonry modelling:


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